Pharrell Williams performs “Happy” at the Academy Awards. Here are some of the many others who have done so elsewhere. (Getty Images)

Several weeks ago, Pharrell encouraged communities around the world to submit their own videos set to his hit “Happy.” They keep coming in. Here is a worldwide sampling, with commentary on what makes each different.

1. Jamaica

“Nobody is happy like us,” writes one commenter. Catch the quick waterfall scene at 1:35.

2. Dublin

Fun umbrella choreography at 2:40, followed by a shot at the Guinness gates.

3. Budapest

Terrific opening shot. One of the craziest yellow ties I’ve seen at 2:10, a terrific nighttime stunt bike shot at 2:40.

4. Washington, D.C.

I know, no cheering for the hometown team. But there are wonderful shots of the Anacostia — and, hey, the monuments! (ht @nminow)

5. Lyon, France

Totally adorable kid and woman at the 51-second mark.

6. Paris

One of the coolest, most cosmopolitan and relaxed versions. Or is it just the city? Like the several shots of the two guys playing in front of the Eiffel Tower from 3:40 to about 4:00. This version has more than 1 million views.

7. Tunis

This version may feature the most costume changes from a single character, as well as endearing cameos from the merchants in the market and stunning hillside views of the Tunisian capital — and the Mediterranean.

8. Vienna

No fancy desserts, but the Austrian version comes with a Hula Hoop at the 3-minute mark.

9. Berlin

Athletic street dancers own this extended-play version, from the first minute in an indoor mall to a fantastic robot on the ”bahn” around the 5:30 mark and head-spinning at 7:00.

10. Tahiti

Don’t watch this with a computer back-screen on an airline site or you might book tickets. Verdant, beach-hugging, W-A-R-M. At the 4:06 mark, there’s an incredible seaside aerial shot that the Ohio State marching band would appreciate.

11. Lancaster, Pa.

Closer to home, and a little snowier. What else is different? A covered bridge, at the 1-minute mark. And gas masks at 1:38! (Hat-tip to Postie — and Lancaster native — @colbyitkowitz)

12. Louisville, Ky.

Love on an escalator! The University of Louisville tries out dancing on the automated staircase, at the 4-minute mark.

13. Oakland

The Golden State Warriors edition features a Day-Glo leotard at 1:00. Hey, the Warriors know viral video, from their NoCal version of “Gangnam Style’‘ in 2012.

Dear reader, which version did you like best? Is there a version you’ve seen that you like better? Let us know in the comments section below.

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