The astonishingly polarizing Arthur Chu — who reinvented, and maybe ruined, the way “Jeopardy!” is played — ended his winning streak tonight after stumbling on a question about the British monarchy.

This might mark the royalty’s biggest contribution to public life since spawning Prince George. But it wasn’t just the monarchy that brought Chu down! In fact, the so-called “Jeopardy hacker” stumbled and stalled constantly on tonight’s show, with him even entering the big-question Final Jeopardy in last place.

Here, for reference/gloating, is every single question Chu got wrong or ceded to another player (the exact phrasing is approximate — Trebek talks fast!):

FINAL JEOPARDY: He was the last male monarch who had not previously been prince of Wales. (Who is George VI.)

With 40,000 cases in 2011, Australia was hit by an epidemic of this respiratory ailment that can be fatal in babies. (What is whooping cough.)

You with your cute hat, you’re just troppo! (What is “too much.”)

Don’t bother me, I’m affacentato. (What is “busy.”)

The H pylori bacterium causes this type of ulcer, from the Greek word for “digestive.” (What is peptic.)

Coveted by every speechwriter-turned-columnist, this is an award named for the woman seen here. (What is “The Peggy.”)

Philosophers distinguish between two kinds of knowledge: “a priori,” from thinking, and this — from experience. (What is empirical or “a posteriori.”)

Taza, son of this chief, tried to honor his father’s peace agreement with the army, but couldn’t unite the Apache bands. (Who is Cochise.)

Antisthenes began this “ism” with the view that self-interest is the primary motive of human behavior. (What is cynicism.)

This Ottawa chief’s drive to capture Fort Detroit might’ve been successful if he hadn’t been betrayed. (Who is Pontiac.)

Pass the lasagna, I’m affamato. (What is hungry.)

This people’s old Oraibi pueblo in Arizona may be the oldest inhabited village  in the U.S. (What is Hopi.)

This principality in southwest Europe is roughly 370 acres. (What is Monaco.)

You want to buy my truck for $100? What am I, pazzo? (What is crazy.)

We were lucky to catch the bus back to Rome, it was the ultimo. (What is last.)

This viral disease that causes inflammation of the liver has A, B, C, D and E types. (What is hepatitis.)

This Dane proposed that people go through three stages: aesthetic, ethical, religious. (Who is Kierkegaard.)

This word, originally meaning shaman or medicine man, now means a council or meeting. (What is powwow.)

Mr. Gilliam or Mr. Jones inspired this award for a British comedy troupe member. (What is “The Terry” or “The Monty.”)

The title of this 1979 No. 1 hit by the Eagles warned of one of these tonight. (What is heartache.)

In this 1984 Prince song, things were so sad these title birds were crying. (What are doves.)

Solid Mr. Walesa. (Who is Lech.)

Last name of Lorenzo who, on January 5, 1537, decided the Duke of Florence needed to breath a lot less. (Who is Medici.)

“Dust to Dust” is a 2013 song by this country-folk duo, whose name suggests the discord that broke them up. (Who are the Civil Wars.)

Find the queen, find the nice lady in this street gambling game with a trio of face-down options. Sorry, try again! (What is three-card Monte.)

Fred Smith, of this company, took $25.3 million — not bad for an overnight delivery boy. (What is FedEx.)

Bet Mr. Schultz’s employees in this company spell “Howard” correctly on cups. (What is Starbucks.)

The commissioner of Scotland Yard resigned in 1888, the day before the final murder attributed to this man. (Who is Jack the Ripper.)

“Hell,” in polite company. (What is heck.)

St. Francis Cathedral was built by the St. Francis who became the model for a character in this book. (What is “Death Comes for the Archbishop.”)

Annie Fitzgerald Stephens was the model for this Southern belle. (Who is Scarlett O’Hara.)

This character is Charles Dickens’ most autobiographical. His initials are the reverse of the author’s. (Who is David Copperfield.)

Mrs. Honeychurch in his “Room With a View” was based on his grandmother. (Who is E.M. Forster.)

This Kurt Weill musical drama was called “Die Dreigroschenoper” when it debuted in 1928. (What is “The Threepenny Opera.”)

Middle-class pretensions! Despair! You want them, you got them in this Chekhov play. (What is “Three Sisters.”)

Fifty percent of the core melted down in this U.S. facility. (What is Three Mile Island.)

“2 Broke Girls” helped this network earn several million dollars. (What is CBS.)

Not Marco, but certainly Polo: He wore it well, drawing $60 million. (Who is Lauren.)

And here are the ones Chu got right:

The same virus that causes chickenpox in kids might reemerge in adulthood as this. (What is shingles.)

It’s the capital of Maharashtra, a state on the Deccan Plateau. (What is Mumbai.)

The largest national lake in South America, this is an inlet of the Caribbean Sea. (What is Maracaibo.)

Fleetwood Mac’s Ms. Nicks gave the name to this award for most diaphanous dress. (Who is Stevie.)

Her descendants through her son Thomas Rolfe number in the tens of thousands. (Who is Pocahontas.)

The name of this philosophy that began in Russia in the 1850s is derived from the Latin noun for nothing. (What is nihilism.)

This island is separated from the coast of Africa by the Mozambique Channel. (What is Madagascar.)

The award for best sister in a comic strip gets its name from her. (What is Sally.)

Given for the cutest boy in an ad, it’s named for the 4-year-old in a Life cereal commercial. (What is Mikey.)

In this 1988 hit, Poison lamented that every rose has one of these. (What are thorns.)

A unit of dry volume equal to a quart. (What is a peck.)

Holy Shatner, Jeff Boyd got a great deal for this .com at $5o million. (What is Priceline.)

A tanker on the rocks. (What is wreck.)

After a 2013 chemical attack near Damascus, the French president called this man a war criminal. (Who is Assad.)

In her No. 1 hit “Someone Like You,” she thought you’d see my face and be reminded that for me, it isn’t over. (Who is Adele.)

F. Scott Fitzgerald probably drew on the bootlegger Max Gerlach for this title character. (Who is the Great Gatsby.)

On July 26, 1794, this Frenchmen called for an end to violence, though he’d killed so many already. (Who is Robespierre.)

The tenure of this first Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition saw 2,000 stake burnings. (Who is Torquemada.)

A body block on ice. (What is check.)

In 1938, this trio made the short film “Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb.” (Who are the Three Stooges.)

Chu hasn’t fared so badly, though. At the end of his 11-episode winning streak, he departs with $297,200 in winnings — the third-highest of all time, and qualifies for the show’s Tournament of Champions. He also knew he had it coming; the episode was recorded back in November.

Meanwhile, Diana Peloquin can look forward to some unexpected, and much-deserved, fame. The grad student (and synchronized swimmer!) correctly answered the last question, keeping her first-place spot and booting Chu in the process. By some accounts, she’s practically a national hero.