Glenn (Played by Steven Yeun. Credit: Gene Page/AMC)

Note: This recap contains spoilers.

Since we’re all still processing last week’s emotionally draining episode, it was nice of “The Walking Dead” to give us a relatively easy-to-digest 60 minutes of television on Sunday. From a romantic reunion to entertainingly awkward comments from the eccentric Dr. Euguene Porter, it had a little bit of everything.

Let’s start with Glenn, hot on Maggie’s trail when he finally sees one of her scrawled messages telling to him to head to Terminus. Sgt. Abraham Ford, Glenn, Dr. Porter and Rosita are still following Glenn, because they have no vehicle to get Dr. Porter to Washington and seemingly no other plan.

The group does finally splinter when they come to a dark tunnel. Sgt. Abraham is convinced he can’t keep the scientist (who claims that he has all the answers to save humanity, remember) alive if they go inside. Sure, maybe there are no zombies in there — but it’s a safe bet in a show about zombies that a dark, ominous tunnel is full of them.

Tara, still glum, moody and wracked with guilt for her role in Herschel’s death, won’t leave Glenn’s side. (Before the group splits, Eugene tells her, “Tara, you are seriously hot.” “I like girls,” she responds.) Tara’s already hobbling with some sort of knee injury, and when the two finally do stumble upon a large group of walkers in the cave, she predictably ends up hurt and stuck. She begs Glenn — eventually yells at him — to go on without her.

Right on cue, a rescue team, including Maggie, comes to their aid and mows down the group of advancing walkers. As Glenn and Tara travelled in the tunnel, Dr. Porter, Sgt. Abraham and Rosita found a van and also happened to find Maggie, Sasha and Bob.

It’s a joyful reunion. Nobody dies and everyone agrees to go to Terminus, which is where the episode ends. The group finally reaches what appears to be a clean and well-run sanctuary, where they are greeted by a eerily calm woman named Mary. She offers them her welcome and something to eat.

While the Maggie and Glenn saga is neatly resolved, things are a bit messier for Daryl. He’s not a fan of the group he’s stumbled upon, and particularly not a fan of a surly fellow that fights him over a rabbit they have both shot with arrows. Daryl is learning the way the group (run by a man named Joe)  operates. United by the desire to survive, the group is otherwise composed of  selfish, brutish men. They “claim” items to avoid conflict, and lying or stealing are publishable offenses. The man Daryl fights over the rabbit finds out the hard way — when he’s caught setting Daryl up to make it seem as though Daryl has stolen half of the tasty animal, Joe orders him to be beaten. Lying is against the rules. Daryl then finds him the next morning outside the garage they’ve been sleeping in, beaten to death.

Can things get even messier? Yes. Daryl asks Joe where the group is headed. They are on the train tracks, seemingly with Terminus in sight, but Joe tells Daryl they are tracking a man who killed one of their group members. It’s not clear to Daryl or Joe who it is, but viewers know it’s Rick. The group even walks by a candy bar wrapper on the tracks — a candy bar Carl had eaten in an earlier scene.

Unanswered questions: Who is Mary, and why was her  greeting and smile so creepy? Is anyone else living at Terminus? So far, no other signs of anyone else.

Romance report: Glenn and Maggie fans got their wish in tonight’s episode. The wife and husband duo are together again, and shared a few sweet moments in the train tunnel.

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