Kathy Griffin: One of the Internet's choices for the new Letterman. (Steve Jennings/Getty Images for the Painted Turtle) Kathy Griffin: One of the Internet’s choices for the new Letterman. (Steve Jennings/Getty Images for the Painted Turtle)

CBS has never had to replace a host on the “Late Show” because David Letterman invented it; so as soon as Letterman announced his retirement, it sparked an unusually lively debate about who should take his coveted spot. Because there’s no obvious replacement, the Internet has decided the field is wide open.

Some ideas make sense, the most logical being Craig Ferguson, who hosts CBS’s “Late Late Show,” which is owned by Letterman’s production company; though he might be too wacky for the 11:35 slot. Then there are the logical-but-unlikely, including Comedy Central’s late-night team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. (THR reports that CBS reportedly tried to go after the “Daily Show’s” John Oliver, who went to HBO last year.) Or even syndicated talk show hit Ellen DeGeneres. Chelsea Handler is said to be leaving E!

Plus, there’s discussion of rival talk show hosts who might want to jump ship. They’re not all crazy thoughts: Letterman is Jimmy Kimmel’s idol. And hey, how is Conan O’Brien liking TBS these days? Even Jay Leno’s name is being tossed around, though we doubt Letterman would actually let his frenemy step in. Other comedian names offered up: Howard Stern, Louis C.K., Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, Arsenio Hall, Amy Poehler, Kevin Nealon, Dave Chappelle.

But sometimes, the best part of speculation is who Twitter decides should take over. Why not give it the reins? Here are some of the more ridiculous choices from the Twittersphere, for one reason or another:










And on the opposite end of the spectrum, a plea for who SHOULDN’T host:


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