Lindsay Lohan (OWN) Lindsay Lohan (OWN)

Lindsay Lohan’s much-criticized OWN reality show came to a strangely abrupt and serious end on Sunday night; in the last moments of the finale, Lohan revealed that she had a miscarriage during the filming of the show.

“No one knows this, and we can finish after this, I had a miscarriage for the two weeks that I took off,” Lohan said on the verge of tears, during her final “confessional” with the producers.

Long pause. “It’s a very long story,” she said, leaving it at that with no other details.

Lohan made headlines during the “two weeks she took off” when she held up production on the reality show, which was supposedly about her trying to get back on track after rehab.

In a recently filmed interview about what it’s been like to watch her own series, Lohan said it was tough to see, especially people getting frustrated about why she wasn’t filming.

“That’s why on the show when it says, ‘she didn’t want to come down, she doesn’t want to come down,’ I couldn’t move, I was sick,” Lohan explained. “And mentally, that messes with you.”

“Watching this series, I just know how I felt at that moment and I can relate to that girl, which sounds kind of crazy,” Lohan said, looking like she was about to cry. “This is really sad, like, ‘Who’s helping her? And no one knows what’s going on in my head at any moment.”

“You guys love this [expletive] when I cry,” she said to the producers, as she continued about how she’s still fighting as an addict.

So — that is not the ending anyone expected after the little-watched series, which chronicled Lohan starting four days after she left rehab last summer (her sixth stay in six years) until now. Reaction on social media ranged from shock to confusion, especially given Lohan’s past behavior.

There’s been no word so far from Oprah, who has taken flack even letting this series on air — though OWN did tease her “announcement” in the trailer for the finale episode, which feels horribly wrong on about 100 different levels.