Sarah and creepy guy at the diner. (Steve Wilkie/BBC America)

A weekly feature in which we discuss the most confusing moment on the most recent episode of “Orphan Black.” There are always many to choose from, so this could get divisive.

Looking back at the Season 2 premiere of BBC America’s buzzy “Orphan Black,” there were many surprising moments. Evil clone Rachel Duncan being a trickster and admitting the Dyad Institute didn’t really kidnap Kira and Mrs. S.; how the diner line cook and religious extremist managed to shoot each other at the same time; the motivations of the increasingly suspicious Paul.

But by far, nothing beat the revelation that Helena – the Ukranian serial killer assassin clone that Sarah supposedly-fatally shot in last season’s finale – is actually alive.

Well, barely – Helena stumbles into a hospital in the final seconds of the episode, covered in blood. “Excuse me,” she whispers hoarsely. “My sister shot me.” Then she collapses and lots of doctors rush over to her. (So there is a way to get immediate attention in a busy emergency room.)

Helena lives! (BBC America) Helena lives! (BBC America)

Hello, what happened to the show producers openly mourning and discussing Helena’s death when talking to every media outlet? “We lied. It was bald face lying,” co-creator John Fawcett gleefully told Entertainment Weekly. “We just did it as best we could with every single interviewer that would talk to us.” Added Graeme Manson: “Evil master plan. Evil master plan the whole way.”

Gloating aside, the creators say they really do have an “evil plan” for bringing Helena back, and it will be revealed very soon. So will she be coming after Sarah? Kira? The other clones? Will the religious extremists accept her back into their ranks, or not so much since she declined to murder Sarah when she had the chance?

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Clone experiment creator Dr. Aldous Leekie will probably be the only one who’s thrilled about this. As he said last season, Helena is the only clone he’s never been able to find – she’s his “white whale.” He’s eager to bring her back for experimentation, and, you know, deprogram her form her current serial killer state. Though if Helena can come back from the dead, we’re not sure how effective his methods will be.

Speaking of which, how exactly did Helena survive? In the previews for next week, we see a very confused doctor asking, “Shot point blank in chest and she walks in?” If medical professionals are as confused as we are, that’s not a good sign.

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Aside from Helena’s reappearance, a quick catch-up on other characters in the episode:

Sarah: The premiere picked up where last season’s finale left off, with Sarah desperate to find her kidnapped daughter and foster mother. She had a chilling encounter right off the bat with two creepy men (who turned out to be Prolethians, the religious extremists intent on wiping out the clones) in a diner. They claimed they could take her to Kira and Mrs. S, but being smart, Sarah didn’t believe them and escaped by kicking a hole through the bathroom wall and climbing out. It didn’t end well for the creepy guys; as one shot the line cook in the diner, the cook simultaneously fired, killing him as well.

Meanwhile, Sarah spent the rest of the episode frantically searching for answers. She tracked down Felix in a nightclub, Alison at musical theater practice, and Cosima (who was about to go to a fancy gala at the Dyad Institute) and asked for their help. Swapping places with Cosima, Sarah broke into the Dyad Institute and tracked down Rachel Duncan. Originally, Rachel told Sarah that if she signed the “peace treaty” with the institute, she could reunite with Kira and Mrs. S. But now face to face with Sarah, Rachel admits she was lying – the religious extremists kidnapped Kira and Mrs. S., so she has no idea where they are, and she just needed a way to lure Sarah to meet with her. Sarah almost shoots Rachel in the face, but Paul breaks in and stops it before any violence can happen. But he still lets Sarah run away. (Whose side is he on, anyway?)

Alison: If she’s rattled by watching her frenemy Aynsley choke to death at the end of last season, it’s not apparent. In fact, it’s working out great for her, as she is now upgraded to the lead in the community theater musical. She also got in the best lines of the episode thanks to procuring a gun for Sarah through her friendly teenage neighborhood gun dealer, Ramon. “He’s a gun enthusiast,” she defends herself. “He has many jobs, he’s very hard-working.”

Cosima: Still coughing up blood, she’s hard at work finding out if she has the same respiratory disease as the other clones. Dr. Leekie is pressuring her to take a job at the Dyad Institute, but she insists on doing her own research to find out what’s wrong with her. (And by that, we mean pressuring the friendly nerd at her lab in Minnesota to run the bloodwork.)

Rachel: Still a mystery, but a brilliant businesswoman – we see her explaining to a group of executives that Dyad’s successful lobbying strategies had a direct outcome on Supreme Court decisions.

Dr. Leekie: As scary as ever, but mostly busy this episode preparing a speech to give at the fancy Dyad event, where he tells the bigwig pharmaceutical and advertising chiefs that “the age of biotechnology is upon us.” “It is the moral responsibility of visionaries like us to continue healing, feeding and fueling the future of humanity.” We learn that the Dyad group spans the globe, and has 27,000 people working in 134 countries across the world.

Kira: Still missing – but alive, as she’s seen with an unnamed stranger taking her picture.

Art: Our favorite police detective is stymied at every turn while trying to investigate what he’s finally beginning to realize is some sort of massive conspiracy – but at the end, Sarah finally turns to him for help, and is ready to spill all about the clones.