Did you hear the screams coming from Silver Spring on Monday night? That was just a sold-out crowd of nearly 2,000 teens at the Fillmore enjoying 5 Seconds of Summer, the Australian pop quartet that has already been marked as the next worldwide boy band sensation.

They have all the ingredients to become unstoppable, though they’re fairly new on the mainstream scene, at least in America. Still, they stormed the U.S. charts in a huge way — debut EP “She Looks So Perfect” sold 143,000 copies earlier this month, nearly knocking the unbeatable “Frozen” soundtrack from the No. 1 position.

They wrap up their sold-out first American headlining tour this week before heading back to Australia. But they’ll be back this summer as the opening act on One Direction’s worldwide stadium tour. In other words, brace yourself — these kids are about to be everywhere.

Of course, to be the next big thing, it’s imperative to follow the 10 Rules of Boy Band World Domination. Unsurprisingly, it looks like 5 Seconds of Summer is about to tackle them all.

1) They must all be adorable.

Check! Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford, ranging in age from 17 to 19, are indeed adorable. Obviously, there’s a debate about who is the cutest.

2) They must be crowned acceptable by older, wiser boy bands.

Check and mate. Not only did members of One Direction discover them online and tweet links to their YouTube covers, but they invited 5SOS to open for them on tour last summer and this year. That kind of exposure is not only priceless for the sold-out stadium shows, but if One Direction deems them cool, then that gives millions of tweens the go-ahead to start falling in love.

3) They must have at least one crazy-catchy song in the beginning to kick off the mania.

It’s no “What Makes You Beautiful” or even “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” but the aforementioned “She Looks So Perfect,” will get lodged in your brain for weeks. Just a warning.

4) They must have an easily abbreviated nickname.

1D. BSB. NKOTB. And now, 5SOS.

5) They must cause certain levels of hysteria in person.

Oh yes — their sold-out show at Fillmore Silver Spring caused about as many screams as you would expect, and the very mention of them can cause fans to implode with excitement.




6) They must cause certain levels of hysteria on Twitter.

That’s for sure. Exhibit A: A series of messages between Ashton and Calum went viral because you could sort of see Ashton’s iMessage name, which led lots of fans to hope they could contact him.


7) The must resist being called a boy band but then just give in and embrace it.

5SOS writes their own music and plays instruments, so at first, they didn’t like the whole “boy band” title. “We’re not a boy band — we’re a band,” Ashton told Billboard. “We don’t want to be called the next One Direction. That’s not us.”

Later, he backtracked in a USA Today interview. “We didn’t really realize we were a boy band until people started calling us a boy band,” he said. “I understand and we don’t care what people call us, as long as we’re making the music we love.” Much better.

8) They must garner comparisons to their fellow boy bands.

“Indeed, [5 Seconds of Summer’s] out-of-nowhere success recalls One Direction’s stateside takeover in 2012,” wrote Billboard. Or as Jezebel put it, yes, they are like One Direction “in that they like to joke around a lot and are not from America.”

9) They must acknowledge the hectic side of fame to stay humble.

Whether that’s filming an entire video about running from the paparazzi or acknowledging that fans do some pretty weird stuff, it’s essential to remain grounded despite massive fame.

10) But above all else, they must repeatedly tell their fans how much they love them.

Boy band fandom is a two-way street — teen fans need to know that their idols reciprocate their love. Luckily, 5SOS thought ahead and has a new video dedicated to their fans called “Wherever You Are,” with scenes of screaming teens at concerts and outside their tour buses. They also call their fans the #5SOSFam. No question about it: These guys are good.