Here’s one thing reality television doesn’t need more of: another show about hookups.

That’s too bad, because LoveRoom, which has billed itself as the Airbnb of hookups, is casting for a reality television show about finding love with strangers who rent your apartment.


For those of you uninitiated, LoveRoom is part dating site, part unregulated unofficial short-term rental service. And the hope is that if all goes well, you and your lucky renter might also hook up in the process.

For real Airbnb customers who fear the nightmarish prospect that their home may be used as a love den by a renter, LoveRoom is probably a welcome entrant in the marketplace, catering to people who are seeking a relatively cheap locale for their latest romantic encounters.

For what it’s worth, LoveRoom has even argued that its model is safer than Airbnb, by focusing on “making friends” rather than making money. And its founder Joshua Bocanegra has said that the idea came out of the realization that some people who use Airbnb are also motivated by a desire to meet other attractive singles.

For the rest of us who spend hours flipping through useless television, this potential show will probably only add to the noise.

According to the casting call, LoveRoom users could be the stars of a “sexy, new dating show.”

“We are seeking sexy singles who have either tried LoveRoom OR are ready for a LoveRoom experience,” it continues. “If you are looking for love—or maybe just a hook up – in your city, and have a fun, dynamic personality, we want to hear from you!”

BetaBeat, which interviewed the LoveRoom founder, treated this news with a fair amount of—justified—skepticism:

Mr. Bocanegra can’t disclose the production company, he said, because the company doesn’t want media attention. Sounds a little dubious. Still, he insists the show will be “on national television” by October, although no networks have picked it up yet.

But then again, reality TV, which has produced gems like “Love and Hiphop,” everything on Bravo, and of course, “16 and Pregnant,” doesn’t exactly have a stellar record of listening to its better angels.  Speaking of Bravo, the channel already debuted a version of the online dating reality TV show genre with the “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male” series. So this is certainly not outside of the realm of possibilities.