A weekly feature in which we discuss the most confusing moment on the most recent episode of “Orphan Black.” There are always many to choose from, so this could get divisive.

It’s going to be difficult to choose the most confusing moment this week because there were several things that left our head spinning — so let’s kick it off with at least the funniest line of the episode.

Alison (tearfully): “I killed Aynsley!”

Felix (desperately trying to comfort her): “Aynsley wore a scarf in the kitchen!”

…Maybe you had to be there. In any case, Alison’s starting to feel immense guilt over the fact that she didn’t help Aynsley (who was strangled to death when her scarf got caught in the garbage disposal in the last season’s finale) was basically a footnote due to the rest of the craziness that transpired this week.

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We’ll go ahead and say the most confusing moment was everything that went down with Mrs. S — Sarah’s foster mom and loving caregiver — who is apparently totally fine with stabbing and shooting people if they get in her way.

We knew something was up last season when Amelia (Sarah’s birth mom) said she knew mysterious details about Mrs. S’s past. Then Helena went and killed Amelia, so all we got was a mysterious photo of two professors wearing lab coats, with the phrase “Project LEDA” written on the back of the picture. Anyway, it all took a turn this week as Sarah was frantically trying to find her daughter, Kira, and Mrs. S., who she believed  were kidnapped by the religious extremists/Proletheans. While she and Art (yep, Beth’s old cop partner is finally caught up with all the details of the Clone Club) trace Kira’s secret call to a sketchy motel, Sarah is suddenly captured and tossed in a car trunk. When she’s finally released, she comes face to face with none other than Mrs. S.

Sarah’s as confused as anyone. Mrs. S. quickly calms her down by saying that she and Kira are fine, and that she knew they were being watched by the Proletheans, so she took Kira and ran away — even destroying the house to make it look like an abduction.

Hey, Mrs. S., a phone call would have been nice — Sarah says as much, but Mrs. S. shoots back that she assumed the phones were tapped. Now she has a new plan: To smuggle Kira out of the country to London, where it’s safe. Sarah and Felix can come join them later.

Sarah is pretty suspicious about this idea, even though Mrs. S. makes the admittedly solid point that Sarah hasn’t always done the greatest job looking after her daughter. “My care of Kira has always been bulletproof, has it not?” Mrs. S. says pointedly. Well sure — but Mrs. S.’s behavior is getting stranger by the minute. She also claims to not recognize the Project LEDA photo.

It all blows up anyway when Mrs. S. takes Sarah to where she and Kira have been hiding — a house in the woods with people she just refers to as her “network,” other foreigners who helped  when she arrived in the country with her foster kids, Sarah and Felix, back in the day. The owners of the house, Brenda and Barry, marvel at grown-up Sarah, since they haven’t seen her since she was little. It’s all very sweet until dinner time, when Mrs. S. and Kira are waiting for their ride to the airport, and Brenda and Barry are acting pretty weird, claiming the driver is “delayed.”

While Mrs. S. is distracted with this, Sarah pulls an obviously-upset Kira aside — for a five-year-old, Kira is pretty observant. She says she caught Mrs. S. snooping through Amelia’s stuff earlier. “Mrs. S. has loads of secrets,” Sarah reassures her. “Some of them good.” “Maybe,” says a wise-beyond-her-years Kira. “But I don’t think so.”

Sarah makes the split second decision to run, grabs Kira, and tries to steal a truck from the driveway. She’s stopped by Barry, who suddenly has a shotgun and starts yelling that Kira will get hurt if they try to leave. Inside, Brenda is pointing a gun at Mrs. S.; who, suddenly, has crazy karate moves and pins Brenda to the table by stabbing her hands with two knives. Mrs. S. runs outside and shoots Barry, leaving a stunned Sarah and Kira free to drive off.

So…who’s side is Mrs. S. on exactly? Presumably Sarah’s, but then again, she did want to take Kira off to London for who knows what. We have no idea, but she gets about 100 times scarier when she goes inside to confront Brenda about what the heck just happened. Apparently Brenda and Barry got paid off by the Proletheans to help capture these “cursed children,” a.k.a. clones. “They’re Project LEDA,” Mrs. S. informs Brenda, before shooting her in the face. She does know what Project LEDA is! Oh, and she’s a murderer.

Honestly, that still seems semi-normal compared to whatever is going on at Pastor Henrick’s house of horrors, the next most confusing thing of the episode. Pastor Henrik is a new character introduced in this episode — according to the description of his character via TVLine, he “leads a flock of followers that have broken away from the old world “Prolethean” brotherhood. Under his messianic vision, the age old divide between science and religion has merged, forming a new and formidable threat.”

Yikes. Also, when he’s first introduced, he’s being gross and physically reaching his arm into a cow (trying to harvest the cow’s eggs, maybe?). He’s talking to Mark, one of the religious extremists in the diner last week who tried to lure Sarah out by telling her they had kidnapped Kira. Turns out Mark is the one who saved Helena, who we saw surprisingly alive and stumbling into a hospital covered in blood at the end of the last episode. (Though we learn why she didn’t die when she got shot in the chest: Due to genetic identical twin anomalies, Helena’s organs are on the opposite side of her body, so the bullet missed her heart.)

The Pastor convinces Mark to go retrieve Helena from the hospital, and bring her back to the farm, where he’s got some weird collection of animals and maybe clones. When Helena arrives at the farm, we see her basically in a coma; but she’s reunited with Tomas, her Prolethean “monitor” of sorts that was coaching her how to be a killer assassin and murder the other clones last season.

The happy reunion doesn’t last for long. During Henrik and Tomas’s talk about the potential dangers if Helena might be able to conceive a baby (since Sarah, her twin, has the ability), Mark sneaks up behind Tomas and shoots him in the head. Out of respect, Henrik briefly removes his cowboy hat. Henrik’s wife, watching in the corner, also bows her head for the murdered.

Presumably we’ll find out at what else goes on at that horrifying farm. As for a brief catch-up on where others were this week…

Alison: Thanks to her odd couple friendship with Felix, she’s able to smoke out the fact that her simple husband, Donnie, was her actual monitor. Aynsley, the friend she watched die, was not. This sends Alison spiraling into a new world of guilt, and causes her to guzzle lots of booze and pills, especially once she finds out that Sarah, Felix and Kira are going on the run. (By the way, how did Donnie get the job as the monitor? Sure, he managed to not spill secrets while Alison tortured him with the hot glue gun last season, but he’s kind of an idiot, and even Dr. Leekie seemed annoyed at him.)

Dr. Leekie: Speaking of the clone doctor, Leekie only had a few brief scenes this week to convince Cosima to come work at the Dyad Institute. After luring her with the promise of brand new lab equipment, she caved.

Cosima: Another selling point for going to work at the creepy Dyad Institute is that she might be able to find out if she has the mysterious clone respiratory illness that’s causing her to cough up blood. At first, Cosima isn’t thrilled with her new workspace: “Clone jail,” she sighs, looking at the dreary lab. But Dr. Leekie does promise she can redecorate. Plus, there’s her love interest, Delphine: “I just want to make crazy science with you in our new lab,” Delphine purrs.

Rachel Duncan: Dr. Leekie’s unpleasant colleague looks surprised when she walks in on Cosima (her fellow clone) and Delphine making out in the lab, ramping up to do some crazy … science. “So you’re gay,” Rachel confirms. “My sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing about me,” Cosima shoots back. Rachel ignores her and says she needs Cosima’s help to investigate Sarah’s genetic code and find out why she’s different from the others. By different, of course, she means why Sarah can have a baby — but she doesn’t say that out loud.

Art: Now that our favorite police detective is in on the Clone Club, he realizes how dangerous it is. His partner, Angie, is still searching for answers, especially after she discovers Helena in the hospital. Art urges her to stay out of it because it’s too dangerous, but that just makes Angie want to find out more. We’re going to go out on a limb and say this will not end well for her.


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