Kendall Jenner (L.E. Baskow/Reuters)

You never want to make any intense Internet fandom angry, but the one you really want to avoid?

Boy-band fans.

Reality star Kendall Jenner learned that the hard way Sunday night at the Billboard Music Awards, when she completely, unforgivably botched the introduction to 5 Seconds of Summer in the band’s major U.S. television debut.

In case Australian pop groups aren’t on your radar, 5 Seconds of Summer (as the cool kids call them, 5SOS) is widely believed to be the next One Direction in terms of worldwide boy-band popularity. The group has been gaining steam across the world as it opens for One Direction on tour, but the Billboard Music Awards was the first time the band was introduced nationwide on American television.

So what better person to do the honors than Kendall Jenner, younger sister of the Kardashian dynasty? Well, maybe not the best idea;  she not only messed up the name, but it also sounded as if she was about to call them “One Direction.”

“The band about to rock the Billboard Awards comes from Down Under, but the direction they are heading is straight up. Recently, they made their debut on the Billboard 200 at No. 2,” she began. All was promising. Then she continued, beginning to stammer: “This summer — and now we welcome…one…(long pause, squinting at the TelePrompTer). Guys, I’m the worst reader. Um… (uncomfortable laughter) They’re only getting bigger! Take a look.”

(Cut to a short video that compares 5 Seconds of Summer’s “invasion” to the Beatles arriving in America. Yes, you read that correctly.)

Then, wide view of the stage and Jenner saying something that sounds like “Seconds of Summer,” but it’s too late, as it’s time for the band’s performance.

For the record, 5SOS had a completely admirable performance of their hit single, “She Looks So Perfect.” But guess the only thing people are going to remember? Well, #PoorKendall and #kendallyouhadonejob immediately started trending on Twitter.

You’ve just made some powerful enemies, Jenner. (For the record, she blames lack of contact lenses):


And because she reportedly dated Harry Styles of One Direction, let the conspiracy theories begin: