What can you expect from a wedding when for the proposal the groom rented out a baseball stadium, hired a 50-piece orchestra and displayed “PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!!!” on the Jumbotron?

We’ll find out this weekend after the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian nuptials. The multimillion dollar event has had the Internet buzzing for months about the details, guest list, invitation snubs and all the assorted insanity that will take place when the rapper and reality star say “I do.”

We’ve rounded up the most insane rumors (remember: rumors) that have surfaced worldwide about the spectacle that will take place this Saturday in Italy.

* This isn’t your average Memorial Day wedding: This is a worldwide tour. Or as one excited person deemed it, “a fairy-tale, Hollywood movie set level” experience. US Weekly reports guests are being instructed to arrive Friday at the Four Seasons in Paris, and a text message will arrive at 3 p.m. sharp detailing the activities for the next three days.

* Friday night, attendees will be treated to a private tour of Palace of Versailles, the royal French château. (Some claim that’s where they really wanted to get married, but were turned down for not being classy enough.) That’s all followed by a romantic sunset rehearsal dinner.

* On Saturday, everyone will hop on board private jets to Florence, Italy for the actual ceremony that evening.

* The ceremony will be held at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, right next to the Boboli Gardens. Kim and Kanye paid $410,000 to reserve the 16-century castle-type building, which “offers a panoramic view of Florence and the surrounding Tuscan hills,” reports AP.

* They chose Florence as a wedding destination because that’s where their 10-month-old daughter North West was conceived, “among the Renaissance masterpieces,” according to West.

* There will be somewhere between 150 and 1600 guests. The venue begged them to keep it to 200.

* Jay Z will be Kanye’s best man. His wife Beyonce might be there but she might not. Apparently, she’s not pleased about Jay Z’s role in the wedding because she didn’t even want to go. “Jay Z’s the best man, so he’s kind of making her go,” sighed a source to the Daily Mail. Some claim Beyonce’s still a “maybe.” We’re sure they’ll save her a chair either way.

* Does baby North West get a plus one? Obviously, it will be her BFF, Jay Z and Beyonce’s toddler daughter Blue Ivy Carter, presumably well-versed in the ways of VIP weddings. “North will need a few play dates after the wedding and Blue Ivy, among other kids, will be North’s date,” explains Hollywood Life.

* So North West got a date but Brody Jenner didn’t? Kim’s stepbrother is reportedly annoyed that he didn’t get a plus-one, and if his girlfriend of seven months can’t go, he’s not going either.

* An illusionist will make the couple magically disappear from the dance floor during the reception. “The trick promises to be the crowning glory of the most extravagant showbiz hitch-up in history,” explains The Sun newspaper. (So many questions: Will there be wild amounts of smoke and lights and intrigue? Or will guests just like, “Hey, where did Kim and Kanye go? They must be getting more cake.”)

* Pop singer Lana Del Ray will perform after Kanye begged her (“Young and Beautiful” is Kim’s favorite song, after all) and lands a nifty six-figure payday for her troubles.

* Jay Z and Beyonce will perform, but only if E! pays them $2 million.

* There could be some DRAMA between Rachel Roy and Beyonce; she was allegedly part of the reason Solange flew off the handle and attacked Jay Z in the elevator after the Met Gala.

* Other famous names on the guest list include, via various sources: Designer Donatella Versace, jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, designer Riccardo Tisci, Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley, “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis, model Blac Chyna, rapper Tyga, Carmelo Anthony, La La Anthony, Scottie Pippen and many more. Anna Wintour was invited but probably isn’t showing up.

* Kim still has to choose between three different wedding dresses, one worth more than $1 million.

* The creator of “The Rachel” haircut will be in charge of Kim’s hair for the weekend. Are you sure that’s the storyline you want to take, US Weekly?

* Kim’s friends will all get custom-made dresses and they’re competing over who will look the best.

* All the romance of the weekend might push Kris and Bruce Jenner back together.

* Sunday is the out-of-towners brunch, of course, at the super-fancy Corsini Villa a Castello that is right near the wedding venue.

* The rain might ruin everything and Kim will have a meltdtown.

* And the most hilarious rumor of all…Kanye and Kim banned cameras from the wedding. Ha! Oh wait, E! cameramen will still be there, just for the before and after, but not the actual ceremony.