When ABC announced that prosecutor Andi Dorfman was going to be this season’s “Bachelorette,” it was a logical move: She was by far the most interesting runner-up from last season of “The Bachelor,” and made lots of fans when she told that insufferable Juan Pablo that he was the worst, right to his face.

Still, an important question remained, the same one we wonder whenever someone with a great career winds up on reality television: Why would an accomplished, intelligent assistant district attorney who is on the fast track risk her job for a tawdry dating show? It was a mystery, so we looked into past “Bachelorette” stars to see what kind of careers they were potentially ending by taking a starring role on the sometimes scandalous series. And in doing so we unwittingly cracked the code of “The Bachelorette.”

Here it is: Trista Rehn (Season 1) and Ashley Hebert (Season 7) are the only women in “Bachelorette” history to actually marry the men they met on the find-a-soulmate show. Their common thread? Trista (a physical therapist) and Ashley (a dentist) are also the only women starring on the series who have gone to grad school.

That’s right, Princeton Mom and proponents of the MRS degree — women who not only don’t meet their husbands in undergrad but also go on to further their education are statistically more likely to find a spouse.

…At least, on this one reality show. But stay with us!

By that logic — which you’ll find difficult to argue after looking at the Venn diagram below — Andi actually made the right call. Who are we to argue with this kind of evidence?

(Note: No, Desiree Hartsock did not go to graduate school and yes, she is currently engaged to the winner of her season, Chris Siegfried. But on this show, marriage is heavily promoted as the end game. Nothing is official until they both say “I do.”)

Breaking it down by season:

SEASON 1 (2003)
Trista Rehn – physical therapist
Undergrad: Indiana University (degree in exercise science)
Grad school: University of Miami (master’s in physical therapy)
Status: Married Ryan Sutter in December 2003

SEASON 2 (2004)
Meredith Phillips – model and makeup artist
Undergrad: Oregon State University (B.S. in fine arts)
Status: Broke up with Ian McKee

SEASON 3 (2005)
Jen Schefft – publicist
Undergrad: Ohio University (bachelor’s in business administration)
Status: Rejected both final two

SEASON 4 (2008)
DeAnna Pappas – realtor
Undergrad: Georgia Military College (degree in general studies)
Status: Broke up with Jesse Csincsak

SEASON 5 (2009)
Jillian Harris – interior designer
Undergrad: British Columbia Institute of Technology (interior design program)
Status: Broke up with Ed Swiderski

SEASON 6 (2010)
Ali Fedotowsky – advertising account manager at Facebook
Undergrad: Clark University (B.A. in psychology)
Status: Broke up with Roberto Martinez

SEASON 7 (2011)
Ashley Hebert – dentist
Undergrad: University of Maine (B.S. in biology)
Grad school: University of Pennsylvania (doctorate in dental medicine)
Status: Married J.P. Rosenbaum in December 2012

SEASON 8 (2012)
Emily Maynard – event planner
Undergrad: N/A
Status: Broke up With Jef Holm

SEASON 9 (2013)
Desiree Hartsock – bridal stylist
Undergrad: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (degree in fashion design)
Status: Engaged to Chris Siegfried

SEASON 10 (2014)
Andi Dorfman – assistant district attorney
Undergrad: Louisiana State University (B.S. in communications)
Grad school: Wake Forest University (law degree)
Status: Current season, pending

Photo credits: Craig Sjodin/ABC (Trista, Meredith, Desiree); Mark J. Terrill/AP (Jen); Kevin Foley/ABC (DeAnna); Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Reality Rocks (Jillian); Jason Merritt/Getty Images (Ali); Matt Klitscher/ABC (Ashley); Nick Ray/ABC (Emily); Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (Andi)