It’s Family Day at Alison’s rehab facility on “Orphan Black.” Guess who shows up? (Steve Wilkie/BBC America)

At first, the main question going into this week is: Who’s really running the show at the Dyad Institute? Rachel Duncan or Dr. Aldous Leekie? At times, it seems like Leekie is scared of Rachel (like when he assures Cosima he’ll keep running the treatments, but won’t tell Rachel). Other times, Leekie seems so evil that Rachel better watch out.

Of course, that all blows up in Episode 7. More accurately, Leekie blows up, in the form of a gunshot to the head from Donnie, Alison’s husband. Or as Leekie called him disdainfully, “a turnip.” Well, that turnip had a gun and it didn’t turn out so well for Leekie.

How did we get here? It all starts when Leekie learns that Ethan Duncan, Rachel’s father and the inventor of the clone experiment, is alive and well. Given that Leekie has been trying to track down the original clone sequence for years, he desperately wanted to contact Ethan, the only person in the world with that information.

Not so fast — Mrs. S. herself shows up at Dyad to make a deal with Leekie. Since Leekie has also been trying to track down Kira — as the only child of a clone, she’s a valuable commodity — Mrs. S. lays out the terms: Leekie can get all the scientific info he wants from Ethan, but he has to call off the search for Kira. Leekie eagerly agrees because he just wants all the science for himself. Remember, this is the weirdo who lists “creating artificial wombs” as a fun hobby. (“I like pottery,” Paul deadpanned when he Leekie told him this.)

As an unfortunate side effect of this plan, Rachel must be alerted that her father is alive — and that Leekie killed her mother, Susan. Thinking her father died in a lab fire many years ago with her mother, Rachel doesn’t take any of this too well. She confronts Leekie as he chillingly tells her to think very carefully about her next steps. “Or what?” she asks him. “I’ll die in a fire?” Guess that’s how the lab fire got started; Leekie doesn’t deny it. “Ethan and Susan left us no choice,” he responds, giving us some more info that Rachel’s parents tried to save her from a life of clone experiments: “They set science back decades when they tried to run away with you…I intervened.”

Then we find out who’s actually in charge: Neither of them. Leekie recommends Rachel put the past behind her. “It’s already over, Aldous,” Rachel tells him sadly, as she places a phone call to a mysterious woman named Miriam that Leekie met with earlier in the episode to inform that Ethan was still alive.

“Is it done?” Miriam asks Rachel. “Already in motion,” Rachel replies. Leekie pales. “He lost his way with Sarah Manning,” Miriam adds sadly, making us wonder what else Leekie had up his sleeve and how his obsession with Sarah brought him down.

Rachel tells Leekie to get out of Dyad, and if he never returns and also doesn’t go home, he might have a chance of survival. Leekie starts crying, which is very unlike him, shaking as he runs out. Looks like Miriam runs the show. (Also, who is she?)

Anyway, that’s where Donnie finds Leekie, wandering the rainy streets. Donnie is not having a great night. It’s Family Day at Alison’s rehab, and Donnie has discovered the most unpleasant news: His wife is a clone. Alison assumes he knew this already (because he’s her monitor) but it turns out poor, dumb Donnie was recruited in his college sociology class for the job and was told the monitoring gig was for a vague study on “long-term social metrics.”

Furious when he finds out the truth, Donnie tracks down Leekie, holds him up at gunpoint, forces him in his car, and screams at him for ruining his family. Leekie is super condescending, calling him a turnip, and halfheartedly tries to calm him down. “I quit!” screams Donnie, smashing his hand down on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, that causes the gun to go off, and that’s where we leave things: Leekie dead, Donnie stunned and the entire car covered in blood.

In other news! We did get a couple answers this week. Cosima’s cure for her mysterious illness? Yeah, it’s from the pulp of baby teeth, and not just any teeth — a tooth belonging to Kira. Leekie had swiped it from the hospital after Kira’s car accident last season, and that’s what is being injected into Cosima’s uterus to help reverse side effects from the respiratory disease. When Cosima finds this out after overhearing a conversation between Scott and Delphine, she freaks out, screaming at Delphine and also panicking that it’s the only way she’ll get better.

End result: Cosima breaks down and calls Sarah, and lets her know that her only chance of recovery or stopping this clone illness is Kira’s stem cells. Because Kira is a very perceptive child and wants to help Aunt Cosima, she helpfully pulls out a loose tooth and offers it to Sarah. Horrified, Sarah realizes she needs to turn herself into the Dyad Institute before more craziness happens; they bid farewell to babysitter Cal (also Kira’s real father) and decide to confront the enemy head-on.

Meanwhile, no word from Helena and the Proletheans, but we did get some comic relief as Felix and Sarah briefly broke into Alison’s rehab. Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, Victor, is still there under direct orders from Worst Cop Ever Angie, who’s trying to get dirt on Alison in exchange for dropping Vic’s prior criminal charges. In a moment of weakness, Alison tells her new friend Vic that she watched Aynsley die. Unfortunately, she overhears Vic on the phone with Angie. (Convenient Eavesdropping played a big role in this episode.)

So, leave it to Felix to swoop in and save the day. Vic promises he won’t say anything if he can see Sarah again, but when she shows up and he tries to pressure her to get back together, he’s conveniently drugged by Felix and passes out. Cue the scrambling as Felix and Alison tries to hide the body (making sure he misses his meeting with Angie) while Sarah pretends to be Alison at Family Day, with a hilarious role-playing situation with poor, dumb Donnie.

Oh, Donnie. Who ever thought you would turn out to be an important character? After accidentally murdering Leekie, looks like it’s turning out that way.


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