Justin Bieber (Guillaume Horcajuelo/EPA)

Just after Justin Bieber released a statement apologizing for a video from years ago that shows him telling a racist joke, another video has surfaced — TMZ posted a short clip of the 20-year-old pop superstar in his younger days, using racial slurs instead of the lyrics to one of his own songs. There’s also a KKK reference.

It is, in a word, horrifying. The video is old, but it is extremely disturbing and leads to a question that we think we might already know the answer to, but want to ask anyway: Is there anything Justin Bieber can do that’s horrible enough to make Beliebers stop Beliebing?

The singer is known for his diehard fans, who in turn are known for sticking up for their beloved idol at all costs. Even celebrities have faced the wrath of the Beliebers if they ever say something unflattering about the star. It doesn’t matter what he’s done, they’ll defend him — as shown in the many Twitter posts after his arrest in Miami this year.

Bieber’s list of transgressions is long: In the past year, he’s been arrested for drag racing and a DUI; charged with defacing a building; caught with marijuana; was investigated for an egg-throwing incident; and left his pet monkey at a German airport.

Even in the days of his newest scandal, before the latest video using racial slurs was released, Bieber’s Twitter @ replies are filled with “love you” “too cute omg” and “love you sunshine.”

But this clip, even among all the other shenanigans, is simply too horrible too ignore — and it might be time for them to second guess their blind devotion.