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One word: Transclone.

That’s right, in the words of Felix: “Where in the hell did he come from?” Turns out there’s yet another clone running around, and this time, there’s a twist: He’s Tony, formerly Antoinette. We know very little about him except that he’s a criminal, he’s got a beard, a really bad attitude, and a knack for showing up at the worst possible time with vague clues about how Beth and Paul fit into the clone conspiracy.

Tony first comes into the picture at the very beginning of the episode, running from the cops with Sammy, his partner in crime. Sammy gets gunned down by mysterious “suits,” and his dying words are that Tony must find Beth Childs.

How does Sammy know Beth? We’re still not exactly sure, but it’s got something to do with Paul, Beth’s ex/monitor. After Sammy’s death, Tony calls Beth’s phone, which her former cop partner, Art, has been hanging onto just in case it rings. Art is in disbelief when Tony comes strolling in, saying he’s got a secret message for Beth, and brings him to Felix’s house until they can figure out what to do.

Tony’s a character (as Felix says, he’s got all of Sarah’s worst qualities), and refuses to spill the message because he doesn’t trust any of them — that is, until Felix insists Sarah come to meet him. Once Tony is confronted with his clone, he finally relents and shares Sammy’s dying words: “Tell Beth keep the faith. Paul’s like me, he’s on it. He’s a ghost.”

Okay, that clears up nothing. The only other hint we receive is that Sammy — who was probably Tony’s monitor — is ex-military, as was Paul, and they got most of their “jobs” from his military contacts. How are they connected? No clue, because Paul’s taken off and even Rachel can’t track him down. (“Paul, your silence is inconvenient and your absence is worrisome,” she coolly tells him in a voicemail. Who wouldn’t come running home to that?!)

Meanwhile, Sarah’s been a little busy dealing with the increasingly eccentric Ethan Duncan, the creator of the clone experiment and the only one who could possibly cure the deadly respiratory illness that could kill off the clones. Cosima’s symptoms are getting worse, so her lover/lab partner, Delphine, is desperate to get Ethan in the lab to start working on a cure.

Ethan is still staying with Sarah and Mrs. S., so Delphine pays a visit and implores Sarah to help. Well first, she tells her that Dr. Leekie is dead (that’s right, Donnie accidentally shot him at the end of the last episode). She doesn’t seem to care, because Leekie has been hiding important information about the clone origins, and so Ethan is the only one that has the key for the gene therapy cure. And even though they’ve been using stem cells from Sarah’s daughter Kira’s baby teeth to work on other possible cures, Ethan’s wouldn’t involve Kira at all.

Sarah is suspicious, but once she learns Kira won’t have to be involved, she takes Ethan to Dyad where he has another unpleasant run-in with his daughter, Rachel. Naturally, Rachel doesn’t really care that Leekie’s dead (she tells everyone he had a heart attack on his private jet) and is similarly emotionless when she comes face to face with her father, telling him she wants them to keep their relationship professional if he’s going to be working in the lab.

They do have one curious conversation, after Ethan says he can help cure Cosima. “The child is still the prize, isn’t she?” Ethan asks Rachel. “Little Kira.”

Rachel doesn’t answer and turns the tables on him: “Why Sarah? Of all of us, how is it the unmonitored tramp is successful?” she asks. Ethan looks confused. “In her fertility?” he responds. “Rachel, she’s a failure, not a success. You are all barren by design.”

Then we get weird flashbacks of Rachel destroying her office. “I suppose you couldn’t have created a reproducing prototye, could you?” she asks coldly. “That would be irresponsible, which is unforgivable.”

She then moves on and introduces Ethan to Delphine, and says it’s time for her father to start fixing his mistakes. So that’s…curious. Did Rachel want to have a baby that badly?

Oh, and Donnie confesses to Alison that he killed Dr. Leekie. She seems thoroughly unmoved by this (she did watch Aynsley die, after all) until Donnie tells her that oops! Leekie’s body is still in the trunk of his car. Something to figure out for next week.

The episode ends on a very dramatic note; as Cosima meets Ethan and they pledge to start working on a cure for her illness, she faints and starts shaking violently. Looks like time is running out for everyone.


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