It’s the modern-day version of a fan letter — celebrities these days are inundated with “please follow” requests on Twitter, as well as pleas to reply to fans on social media. Sometimes, fans are rewarded for effort: Stars will occasionally retweet or “favorite” a tweet, or even “like” a Facebook photo. But these celebs have millions of followers, so it’s very rare.

That’s why it’s become such a big deal when, over the last few months, pop superstar Taylor Swift has gone above and beyond: She’s started writing some very personal, inspiring, sometimes hilarious comments in response to fans that tag her in photos on Instagram.

Almost immediately, people started posting screengrabs across Twitter and Tumblr to prove that Swift wrote back to them.

We’ll give Swift credit — it’s a smart move to further endear yourself to your fans, and her fanbase is one that we didn’t think could be any more obsessed with their idol. For someone who gets tagged in thousands of random photos, she responds to posts of all types. (Her rep confirmed to us that she does in fact run her own Instagram account.)

Sometimes her comments are brief; if someone tags her in a photo that explains their level of Swift devotion, she will reply to thank them: “Thank you so much for being at my show! I can’t believe you chose me over senior prom!” Or if the fan posts a photo from your concert: “Thanks for spending so much time making that poster!!! And it was so cool that you just called me your hero.”

Other times she simply comments on a funny picture, such as when someone Instagrams a paparazzi photo of Swift in a grocery store: “Thanks so much for this note! And for posting a picture that depicts a moment of intense contemplation for me: which kind of lettuce to buy.” Or when a fan blatantly poses with their clearly unimpressed dog named Finnick to get Swift’s attention, knowing Swift loves animals, she’ll take the bait and respond: “HAHA Finnick is all ‘CAN YOU NOT’ right now.”

Then there are much longer, more emotional posts, usually when a fan describes that Swift’s music is the only thing getting them through the day. Swift offers them big sisterly advice: “You’re sensitive and that’s a good thing, but I hope you will learn to block out the words that just devastate you.”

She also reflects on her own experiences, hinting at her own feelings of insecurity that comes with the often-negative scrutiny of worldwide fame. If someone says when they listen to her songs they can forget about bullies, she’ll write: “We all go through life with a list of names we’ve been called (I have a feeling mine is a little longer than yours ;)…it doesn’t mean we have to let those terrible names define us in any way, you lovely BEAUTIFUL girl.”

Celebrities — never underestimate the intense loyalty that comes by putting yourself on a human level. Here are some of Swift’s best comments, including a couple gems in which she offers insight about what was going through her mind during paparazzi photos: