Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday visited Westeros Northern Ireland, where she met with the cast and crew of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and toured the hit show’s Belfast set. We have so many questions.

In no particular order:

• Do you think Queen Elizabeth has a favorite dragon?

• How about favorite Dire wolf? Does Queen Elizabeth have a favorite Dire wolf? This is important.

• Is Queen Elizabeth also concerned that the Daenerys Targaryen plotline is becoming a bit of a snoozefest?

• Visiting but not actually sitting on the Iron Throne: ultimate power move (“No thanks, I don’t need your throne because I have my own”) or ultimate missed opportunity?

• Is Queen Elizabeth one of those people who read the books in addition to following the show, and then acted all smug about it when Prince Philip was all, “Hey, no spoilers!” after the Season 4 finale?

• Uh … well … actually, does she even like the show? It’s sort of unclear!

• In its report on the royal visit, CNN used the phrase “Windsor is coming” in its lede. No question there, actually. Just applause.

• This adorable little Iron Throne given to Queen Elizabeth is almost certainly going to be used to stage late-night miniature reenactments of Joffrey’s reign, right?

• Where does Queen Elizabeth have Sansa on the Stark Family Power Rankings?

• If the Windsors were given of a “Game of Thrones”-style sigil, what would it be? (Trick question, guys. Everyone knows it would be a Corgi.)