In her first TV interview, Pippa Middleton dishes on what it's like to be the aunt to Prince George, biking across the United States and the dress that got her noticed at the royal wedding. (JulieAnn McKellogg/The Washington Post)

NBC’s highly-hyped exclusive “Today” show interview with Pippa Middleton (sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge; sister-in-law to Prince William) was billed as a two-parter. That was technically true, as the show aired more footage on Tuesday morning.

However, it was extremely brief, and appeared to serve one purpose: An excuse to show more adorable photos of Prince George, Pippa’s nephew.

Okay, we can’t help ourselves either. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images for La Martina)

And really, who could blame NBC? George (who turns one this month) is just so cute. Airing a couple more minutes of the interview Tuesday meant that the show could feature lots of photos and videos of the baby while Pippa talked, in addition to every time they pluged the interview earlier in the show.

“Let’s talk about life post-wedding,” Matt Lauer said. “Has the fact that your sister has now taken on this enormous role, not only as a mom, but in her role with the royal family — has it changed your relationship?

“Not particularly, no. Obviously she has pressures that she’s taking on and things, but we spend a lot of time together. We still do a lot together as a family,” Pippa responded, as video on screen showed William and Catherine leaving the hospital with Baby George a year ago. “I think that’s sort of the heart for all of us, is having a really close family.”

“You can call any night and say, ‘Hey Kate, it’s Pippa, let’s just do girl talk like we used to?'” Lauer inquired.

“Yeah,” Pippa assured him. “We have a very normal sisterly relationship. We’re very close. We support each other.”

Then Lauer’s voiceover boomed over more photos of the royal couple and George on their recent tour through Australia: “Most likely the topic of conversation between sisters, the newest member of the family, Prince George.”

“How’s it being an aunt?” Lauer asked.

“It’s wonderful,” Pippa said, beaming.

“That’s the biggest smile I’ve seen this morning,” Lauer declared. “When I mention George, you smile.”

“He’s amazing,” Pippa said. You guessed it: More photos decorated the screen, all with George just generally being adorable. “He’s very a dear boy. He’s brought a lot of pleasure and fun for all us, the whole family.”

“When you walk in the room, does he drool?” Lauer cheerfully asked without a trace of embarrassment. “I guess he’s one. He probably should drool at almost one.”

“Almost one,” Pippa clarified. “He’s very characterful. He’s sort of brought us all together and we love spending weekends with him. He’s very funny.”

After some more video of George playing with and chewing on various toys during the Australia tour, Lauer dutifully segued to briefly ask Pippa about her charity work and what lessons she’s learned over the last three years.

“I’d say probably to sort of — to be yourself. And to keep your good friends and family close to you,” Pippa said.

Miraculously, producers refrained from showing another photo of George at the mention of “family.”