Prince George, the most famous baby in the world, just got quite the early birthday present — the August cover of Vanity Fair. His mom, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and dad, Prince William, also make a cameo. But let’s be real: You came here to see an adorable photo of the prince.

(Courtesy Vanity Fair)

George, who turns one in a few weeks, is now officially the first baby to grace the cover of the famous magazine since Suri Cruise. Back in 2006, 6-month-old Suri made her highly-anticipated debut with her parents in 2006, snuggled in Tom Cruise’s jacket while Katie Holmes looked on lovingly.

Prince George’s cover is unusual for another reason — judging by the outfits, the photo isn’t an exclusive (as generally the deal for the cover of Vanity Fair; Annie Leibovitz photographed Suri) and is clearly taken from the royal family’s recent Australian tour. This one in particular is from that amazing day where George was thrilled to meet his namesake bilby at a local zoo.

However, we’re willing to forgive Vanity Fair, even for failing to include the bilby in the cover photo. That’s because when we asked if it was unusual to not use a staff-shot picture for the cover, a magazine rep confirmed yes, it was out of the ordinary — but that’s because George has quite the busy schedule (royal play dates, visiting great-grandma, the Queen) and and simply didn’t have time to sit for a photo shoot. Fair enough.

Anyway, besides the fact that he’s primed to rule a country, the story spills that George is just your average baby. Highlights from the article include that he was quite fussy as an infant: “For the first few months the prince cried loudly and frequently, and he was not sleeping through the night.” Sounds miserable — but luckily he calmed down once he learned to eat solid foods and wasn’t so hungry all the time.

Oh, and it’s important to note Catherine and William weren’t actually interviewed for the story: Contributor Katie Nicholl reported it around them, managing to score details about George’s nursery and when he learned to walk. And, she notes, that word on the street is that George could get a baby brother or sister soon.

“There are rumors among the couple’s friends that they plan to try this summer,” the story noted.


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