The Nicecream Factory, a liquid nitrogen creamery in Arlington, Va., flash-freezes its ice cream on the spot. Here's a look at the process in action. (Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)


No summer is complete without scoop after scoop of ice cream. Whether it’s from a tub in your freezer or your neighborhood shop, it’s a classic staple. But using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze ice cream? That’s a new twist.

Here’s a gif-y step-by-step look at how The Nicecream Factory, a creamery in Arlington, Va., is making the summer treat.

First, the basics – milk, cream and sugar – are added to the mixer, along with the fresh ingredient of choice.

For example, if you have a craving for farm-fresh blueberries, a puree made that day is added to the base.

The next step is where things get futuristic. Liquid nitrogen is added to the mixer, which freezes the ice cream in 60 seconds.

Just as quickly as it was added, the nitrogen evaporates away and you have your ice cream. Fast, fresh and maybe the ice cream of the future?