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Rosie O’Donnell is officially coming back to ‘The View’ seven years after controversial exit

It’s not just a rumor — Rosie O’Donnell is coming back to “The View.” The show made it official in a tweet Thursday morning, because that’s how things work now.

“The View” recently dumped most of the cast, leaving Whoopi Goldberg as the sole remaining member of the daytime chatfest’s panel. Both Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy announced recently they would not be back for Season 18; Joy Behar left last summer, and Barbara Walters “retired” in May.

Now, the show is left to completely reinvent itself at a time when it’s becoming more and more difficult to be a daytime talk show. O’Donnell will certainly help get headlines, though.

At least, she did even in the era before Twitter, when she starred on “The View” in the 2006-2007 season. The infamously controversial stint included her getting in battles with everyone from Donald Trump to Simon Cowell. Near the end of the season, she announced that she wouldn’t sign on for another, claiming ABC wanted her to sign for three more years.

However, she wound up leaving even sooner than planned after an explosive fight with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck (a conservative, and usually her opponent) about the Iraq War. That episode aired, and O’Donnell never returned as a co-host  again.

O’Donnell actually returned to “The View” as a guest this past February to plug her appearance on ABC Family’s “The Fosters,” and everything went extremely smoothly. Barbara Walters promised there was no bad blood, and O’Donnell made a harmless “Is Hasselbeck here? Just checking.” joke. At the end of her appearance, the co-hosts all said they would love to have her back.

And now, she will be.