So far, 2014 has been a banner year for @TayeDiggs. And it’s only getting better – or worse, depending on how you look at it.

If you’re among the special many who have been followed on Twitter by the actor and you returned the favor, mystery tweets from his new @singleurbandads account have probably started to appear in your Twitter feed. Do not be alarmed.

Diggs announced last week (via social media, of course) that he would be launching a “new show” on Twitter about single urban fathers. Over the weekend, he sent the first dispatches from the project starring none other than Taye Diggs as the first poster child for rich celebrity fathers “single urban dads.”

You may remember that after months of Twitter dormancy, Diggs began following thousands of people, only to break their hearts by revealing that almost none of them should feel special about it.

He explained to Matt Lauer that he began his following spree on the advice of a “dude that deals in social networks”:

“I mean, I’m embarrassed. Everybody was telling me I need to have more of a presence on Twitter. So I met with this dude that deals in social network, and he said, instead of focusing on always disseminating information, why don’t you focus on kind of using it as a ticker?”

Diggs continued: “So he gave me a bunch of people that I was interested in, from athletes to people in politics and just a whole bunch of people. And then he started following people for me. And now whenever I want, I can just look at my phone and just hear what’s going on with all these people.”

All of this comes after Diggs and Broadway star Idina Menzel announced their split after 10 years of marriage. Their son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, is the real star of his father’s newest social media footprint, which Diggs says is dedicated to “the challenges and triumphs of being a single dad in the big city.” Hashtag SUDS.

See! Taye Diggs is just like you: selfies, sneakers, delayed flights and all. Of course, as single dads go, Diggs appears to be doing quite well for himself: His new TNT drama, “Murder in the First,” began airing in June.