Adam Richman of “Food Fighters.” (Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

TV personality Adam Richman, whose name went viral a few weeks ago after a nasty Instagram rant was made public and Travel Channel subsequently pulled his new series off the schedule, says the sudden attention to his personal life is “a wake-up call.”

As he’s become increasingly famous through his multiple Travel Channel shows– and will host NBC’s upcoming competition “Food Fighters” on July 22 — Richman is also increasingly in the spotlight. He definitely learned that the hard way in late June when some Instagram users called him out for using the “#thinspiration” hashtag on a picture of his recent weight loss (the term is sometimes used on social media to promote eating disorders). Richman lashed out and told one of his critics to go kill themselves. The story blew up, and Richman apologized, but Travel Channel still indefinitely shelved his series, “Man Finds Food.”

“It’s a wake-up call,” Richman said on a “Food Fighters” promotional conference call Tuesday afternoon, in reference to the fact that more success on screen means people will closely track everything he does outside of the show. “You go from 0 to 60, and that’s the trade-off. You have this amazing opportunity, and that’s truly what I consider myself to have had.”

“That’s the world we live in,” he added, comparing landing a major broadcast network show to being “called up to the majors” in baseball. “If you want to have a career, that’s the exchange you make.”

Likely hoping people will focus on his career and forget about the Instagram incident, an NBC publicist warned reporters on the call to only ask about “Food Fighters,” in which Richman oversees a cooking competition between amateur cooks and professional chefs. But a few rogue questions still slipped through.

One person was curious if he knew when “Man Finds Food” will actually air. Richman said he did not know. Another reporter asked if the recent “brouhaha” affected him negatively.

The publicist interrupted and said that Richman would only talk about “Food Fighters”; Richman piped up to say he didn’t want to overshadow the hardworking “Food Fighters” crew with other subjects.

“A lot of people put in some really great work on this show,” he said.