If there’s one thing country music fans know, it’s that you don’t mess around at a Tim McGraw concert.

That TMZ video that shows McGraw “swatting” at a fan who grabbed his jeans at an Atlanta show, and then seeing the woman ejected by security? Not surprising to anyone familiar with McGraw, known for stopping mid-song to reprimand an unruly audience member, or kick someone out of the venue entirely. Granted, physical contact doesn’t generally happen (his rep says he didn’t “slap” the woman who grabbed his leg, like some outlets reported, and only tried to stop her from tearing his jeans) but there’s been lots of audience trouble in the past.

Country music concerts can turn rowdy, so it’s not exactly like this is an unusual occurrence — and McGraw especially is known for having a zero tolerance policy. If he sees something he doesn’t like, you’re gone.

“Out. Out. Out of the stadium,” McGraw barked at a female concertgoer during a 2012 stop at FedEx Field; word among the crowd was that the woman tried to flash him. (It brought to mind what happened back in 2007 on stage when his wife, Faith Hill, famously scolded a fan who who reached up to grab McGraw’s jeans in, well, another area.)

McGraw also made headlines in 2008 for roughly pulling a man on stage during a scuffle; McGraw’s rep said that he was breaking up a fight, because the man was attacking a woman in the crowd. The next year, he brought his show at a county fair to a screeching halt while security ejected someone acting “ungentlemanly.” He broke up a fight and kicked someone else out in Washington state in 2011. He stopped another concert this spring to yell at some fans who were roughhousing near kids.

The list goes on — to the point where you start to wonder. What kind of people frequent McGraw’s shows? How he can he spot so many things happening in the crowd? Why does this make news so often?

Either way, his rep explains that at the Atlanta concert, he was only trying to get away from the woman so he could interact with more fans — presumably not anyone who was trying to tear his pants.

“Tim was singing out in the audience and someone firmly grabbed onto his leg and wouldn’t let go as he was moving through the crowd,” the spokesperson told Billboard. “He instinctively swatted to try and keep them from ripping his jeans (which they succeeded at doing), and so he could get to more fans who were trying to slap hands with him before the end of the show.”