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Let Kanye West teach you about marriage, happiness and the Kanye West of Tumblr

“I’m a blowfish,” says Kanye West. “Sure, OK, why not,” replies the world. (Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images)

Kanye West has a new interview in GQ, which means you have new reasons to love/hate/love-hate him. West talks about his summer wedding to Kim Kardashian, life in the public eye and his next record. Also: unions. Like, labor unions. Yeah, for real.

We encourage you to read the full thing, because obviously. But we’ve broken down some of the highlights (sans context, sorry Kanye, and presented in no particular order). Here’s Kanye West at his Kanye West-iest, by which we mean “comparing himself to a blowfish” on the cover of GQ.

Kanye West on Pants

“I hope we don’t see no paparazzi today,” West says. “Because I’m still getting acquainted with these jogging pants I threw on. Like, ‘That’s not my statement!'”

Kanye West on Getting Married

“Like they said in ‘Step Brothers': Never lose your dinosaur. This is the ultimate example of a person never losing his dinosaur. Meaning that even as I grew in cultural awareness and respect and was put higher in the class system in some way for being this musician, I never lost my dinosaur.”

Kanye West on the No. 1 Person in Street Style and the No. 1 Person in Fashion Plates and Their Proximity to Each Other at the West-Kardashian Nuptials

“Carine Roitfeld is the Walt Disney of what Tumblr is today. She is the Kanye West of what Tumblr is today. She’s the single most important person to what street style is today. And she was at the wedding seven seats down from Kim, who is one of the number one fashion plates of today.”

Kanye West on Feelings

“My feelings don’t matter anymore.”

Kanye West on Whether He Has Fangs

“I don’t have fangs. I’m a porcupine. I’m a blowfish. Like, I’m a — what’s the fish that blows up?”

Kanye West on … Whatever That Means (see above)

“I’m not a shark, I’m a blowfish. So that perfect example about me hitting my head, it’s like a blowfish. I wasn’t coming out of my house going to a paparazzi’s house to attack them. I’m defending my family in front of my own house. I’m defending my name as someone’s screaming something negative at me. That’s a blowfish.”

Kanye West on Kim Kardashian Just WINKING Her Way Through Life

“But you’re mad because basically Kim is the type of girl that, her entire life, if you were in school with her, most people would be studying and up late nights, but for some reason she would have the skill set to go and grab the one book, turn to the exact page, and just magically say, ‘That’s the exact answer.’ Or she could wink at the person who had done all the work and get it done anyway.”

Kanye West on … OK, Sorry, This is Supposed to be Quote on What Makes Kanye West Happy. But Things Get Weird There at the End, So We Dunno

“Well, when I work on an album, it’s fun at certain times. There’s some accomplishments, and sometimes there’s a bit of frustration. And it’s usually like a nine-month process, right? This is a multi-lifetime process that we have now embarked on. Meaning starting now, you’re just starting to see a glimmer of what the idea of West will mean. So right now, at this age and with this visibility and with the skill sets that Kim is now giving me, I think I have a good chance of success in building something that has longevity, high integrity, high success rate, and is very fulfilling, not only for me creatively but also in adding fulfillment to people’s lives. Adding ease. Adding wonder. Adding magic.”

Kanye West on His Ability to Influence the Shoe Economy

“Alexander Wang made sure that I was able to go to a Balenciaga show, and I was never allowed to do that before because I was a celebrity. Listen to what I’m saying — me, as Kanye West: I guarantee you, I’m more than 50 percent responsible for every men’s shoe that they sell. Me, the singular person.”

Kanye West on Land Ahoy (or Something)

“But what makes me happy is land, and we’re on a boat now. This is Christopher Columbus. This is uncharted waters we’re on.”

Kanye West on How to Win at Life

“We have advisers and friends and everything, but those people are who they are and we are who we are. And what I had to learn from Kim is how to take more of her advice and less of other people’s advice. There’s a lot of Kim K skills that were added. In order to win at life, you need some Kim K skills, period.”

Read the full interview with GQ’s Zach Baron here.

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Sarah Larimer is a general assignment reporter for the Washington Post.
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