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Prince George turns 1: Morning shows, TV specials, magazine covers celebrate

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“Happy birthday, little prince,” co-anchor George Stephanopoulos exclaimed first thing Tuesday morning on “Good Morning America,” while the screen was covered in pictures of the always-cute Prince George of Cambridge.

He wasn’t the the only one to celebrate. The adorable future king turns 1-year-old on July 22 — and TV and magazines were ready for him. Here’s a round-up of Prince George birthday celebrations across the pop culture-sphere (as the royal Clarence House tried to get #HappyBirthdayPrinceGeorge trending on Twitter):

"Good Morning America" (ABC)

“Prince George turns 1, wiggling in mom’s lap, trying to catch a butterfly,” Stephanopoulos said to kick of “GMA,” as One Direction’s “The Story of My Life” played in the background and the screen showed new George portraits released by the palace this week. “The story of


life, just one year in.”

The “GMA” anchors joked about waiting for hours last year outside the hospital in Britain while waiting for George to be born, and how they feel like honorary godparents.

Later in the broadcast, Lara Spencer covered the first year of the “chubby-cheeked, overall-wearing future king” and talked about George’s birthday party. Supposedly, the Middletons and Prince Harry will be in attendance, while “the queen is expected to pop in for tea.”

Then, some speculation about whether George will have “a royal playmate” anytime soon (answer: no idea), and news that the Royal Mint is making a commemorative sterling silver coin to celebrate George’s big day.

“Today” (NBC)

Well, “Today” show was a bit distracted with other big news: Teen sensation 5 Seconds of Summer was in studio to perform for the first time on a morning show, and its fans had been lining up since last Thursday (last Thursday) to see them.

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But George did get a segment later in the broadcast about turning the big “0-1.” Natalie Morales (or as she calls herself, “Auntie Natalie” given that she was stationed in London for weeks last year waiting for him to be born) recapped the prince’s first year.

She noted that the fascination surrounding the baby has grown exponentially. Naturally, this all included clips of his christening, first photo shoot and first steps, in addition to footage from the family’s recent Australian tour.

“It’s not fair. You’re going to be the king of England one day, do you have to be that cute?” Matt Lauer piped up. “Isn’t that too much for one little kid?”

“Prince George Turns 1!” (E!)

E! aired a half-hour special Monday night dedicated to the prince, hosted by Jason Kennedy and Catt Saddler. The show also showed George through his first year, though it also offered plenty of adorable footage of the whole royal family and proof that George is already a “style icon.”

The special emphasized how his parents, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are a modern couple and going to do things “their way.” They noted the influence of William’s mother, Princess Diana, along with Kate’s own upbringing with a very close family.

Also featured: An analysis of George’s personality based on how he behaved during the royal tour. One correspondent declared him “quite feisty.” (cue footage of George throwing toys on the ground). Meaning? “He’s going to be a strong king.”

The cover of People magazine

People went full face close-up…

The cover of Vanity Fair

…while Vanity Fair featured the entire family.

And it was all worth it, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge offered a statement to everyone:


From Prince George's arrival to a trip to Sydney's Toronga Zoo and now landing the cover of Vanity Fair, these are the top moments of George Alexander Louis's first year as Prince of Cambridge. (Video: Jayne Orenstein, Jhaan Elker and Kate M. Tobey/The Washington Post)

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