Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge leave Fairbairne Airbase as they head back to Britain. (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

As of Tuesday, Prince George is technically the most powerful 1-year-old in the world — but this was a big year for famous babies, so he’s got some rival kids who could threaten his throne. (The pop culture one, not the actual throne. That would be impossible, probably.)

After all, celebrity tots are a booming business; if you’re really lucky, the birth of your child can be sponsored by a laundry detergent. So there has to be an order to the chaos.

Because  George is obviously No. 1 — the others are adorable, but presumably won’t grow up to rule a country — here’s our ranking list of celebrity babies of the last year.

North West
Parents: Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Basic rule: If your first birthday party is an epic spectacle called “Kidchella,” no other babies really have a chance.

Lincoln Bell Shepard
Parents: Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell

This baby is so powerful that her existence drove her parents to lobby for a #NoKidsPolicy, in which the tabloids won’t publish photos of celebrity kids without their parents’ consent. (There are, however, plenty of pictures of them.)

Mila Hager

Parents: Henry Hager, Jenna Bush Hager

Presidential grandchildren (even former ones) have no choice but to wind up in the Top 3.

Winnie Rose Fallon
Parents: Jimmy Fallon, Nancy Juvonen

When your dad lands “The Tonight Show,” you get some perks: Like a People magazine cover before your first birthday.

Milan Pique Mebarak
Parents: Shakira, Gerard Pique

Shakira took her baby son all around the World Cup, making him the envy of many grown soccer fans.

Carmen Gabriela Baldwin
Parents: Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas Baldwin

Her dad may have voluntarily disappeared from the public spotlight, but Carmen’s got quite the presence on Instagram thanks to her yoga teacher mom.

Ace Knute Johnson
Parents: Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson

When Jessica Simpson is your mom, your Instagram pictures are automatically taken to the next level.

Everly Tatum
Parents: Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum

With Channing Tatum’s career on fire, baby Everly is a very in-demand toddler.

Axl Jack Duhamel
Parents: Josh Duhamel, Fergie

Axl at least wins for name of the year.

Alena Rose Jonas
Parents: Kevin Jonas, Danielle Jonas

Being sponsored by a laundry detergent is certainly one way to enter the world.


From Prince George's arrival to a trip to Sydney's Toronga Zoo and now landing the cover of Vanity Fair, these are the top moments of George Alexander Louis's first year as Prince of Cambridge. (Jayne Orenstein, Jhaan Elker and Kate M. Tobey/The Washington Post)

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