He lives in Brooklyn. And he carries his extra weight like he was born with it.

He’s Piggie Smalls, Clinton Hill’s 8-pound pig with the name faved ’round the world.

“Just call him Notorious P.I.G.,” the New York news site DNAinfo.com said.

According to DNAinfo, the micro pot-bellied pig “was rescued from neglect in Central Florida, where he lived on a diet of Cap’n crunch and horse feed.” Piggie, DNAinfo reported, “recently arrived at his new home in a vet clinic,” just one block from where the rapper Biggie Smalls grew up.

With a new name, a new home, a new diet and expert medical care, the pig is “thriving,” the website reported.

“It has been awesome to see the Notorious P.I.G. come out of his shell,” veterinarian Timothy Mann told DNAinfo.