After last week’s “Men Tell All” special, “The Bachelorette” replaced the usual funny outtakes with a scene of Chris Harrison showing up at Andi Dorfman’s door with a letter “from one of her final two.” Andi took the letter from Chris Harrison, set it on the table and stared at it, leaving us to wonder for an entire week if the final episode would, for real this time, “be the most dramatic in ‘Bachelorette’ history.”

But it wouldn’t be “The Bachelorette” finale without them stringing us along for a little bit. Cue Chris Harrison walking on stage to confirm that we will have to wait for an answer. “I can’t tell you if Andi picked Nick or Josh, but the guy she didn’t pick is still not over her. In fact, he tried to speak with her when she was vacationing in Mexico. She refused to speak to him. He attempted to confront her during the taping of ‘Men Tell All.’ She refused him again. Tonight, she can no longer avoid him.” Oh, this is going to be good.

But first the finale!

Nick, the sales executive from Chicago with 10 siblings, is the first to meet Andi’s family. Her dad (famous for being the first person last season to resist Juan Pablo’s charms), her mom, sister and brother-in-law are all in the Dominican Republic to meet the final two suitors.

Nick is nervous, but manages to answer her mom’s tough question. “Andi’s still early in her career. She worked her way through law school. How will you handle that?” Nick takes this opportunity to profess his love for Andi, telling her “I love your daughter. I love you daughter in ways I’ve never loved someone.” And, here come the tears.

Then Nick gets to the real reason he’s here and asks her Dad for his blessing to propose in a few days. He agrees saying, “If y’all choose each other, I think it’ll be a great fit.”

Next up at bat: Josh, the former professional baseball player-turned-professional big brother. Andi preps her family for the meeting, “He’s 29. He’s from Atlanta. He’s a former professional baseball player. He’s totally my type. He’s an athlete…” The camera spans to lots of side eye from the family.

If Mama Dorfman were handing out first-impression roses, Josh would not get hers. “This loud guy comes in and he keeps talking about how he’s nervous.” But Josh wins them over by being “not that type of athlete” and answering the hard questions from Andi’s sister.

When it’s time to ask Andi’s dad for his blessing, Josh defaults to his habit of saying everything like it’s the Most. Important. Thing. He’s. Ever. Said. And he proclaims his love for Andi. Mr. Dorfman blesses the union. “You’ve got my blessing. The only one you have to worry about is hers.”

Josh gets the first final date and it’s a boat ride down memory lane. “I wanted to reminisce [about] the first date. I took you sailing across the Mediterranean. So now I figure I’ll take you on a yacht across the Caribbean.” They spend most of the time kissing before jumping off the boat to go scuba diving.

Back at Josh’s place Andi attempts to find out if Josh is too good to be true. He reassures her that he is in love. “There’s no changing my feelings. Whether it’s these two months that we’ve been together…. There are no questions that will change how I feel.” Then he reads a letter that he wrote her and presents her with a personalized baseball card. Andi’s player stats include: Name: Andi Murray. Errors: Can’t dance and swears too much. Fun Fact: “Husband Josh has never missed a day saying I love you.”

Andi delivers a PSA to the ladies at home: “It’s a very grand gesture…. A guy doesn’t put his last name on a girl if he’s not ready for this.”

Nick meets Andi for their last date. They go off-roading and end with a picnic at a secret lagoon. They talk about meeting Andi’s parents before going for swim. Nick reminds us that he’s been engaged before.

During their last night together, he asks Andi for reassurance before deciding that her actions tell him all he needs to know. Then he gives her a necklace filled with sand from the beach where he first said I love you.

The next morning Andi takes a long, frown-filled walk on the beach and makes her choice.

Neil Lane shows up at Josh’s door with a box of rings.

Andi shows up at Nick’s door. We all know what this means. Goodbye, Nick.

But first Chris Harrison is live with “The Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” fan favorites. There’s Claire, Juan Pablo’s runner-up, “Farmer” Chris, a guy we don’t remember from another season, and Michelle Money, who asks if “Farmer” Chris will be the next bachelor. Harrison breaks the news, with his hand on “Farmer” Chris’s shoulder, that the new bachelor will be revealed at a later date. Seriously, ABC? This is part of the three-hour agreement — someone gets engaged, someone cries in a car, we find out if the new couple is “really in love” and the new bachelor or bachelorette is revealed.

Back in the Dominican Republic, Andi is telling Nick that he will not be getting her final rose. Andi’s explanation: “I feel like a life with you would be me over-analyzing every single moment.” Ouch. “When I told you I loved you … I don’t know how you could look at me the way you did, react the way you did and be sitting here right now saying this to me,” Nick says. Then as if unrequited love isn’t enough for the “most dramatic moment,” it rains in paradise. Nick throws his roses in the trash and packs his bags for a plane ride back to the Midwest.

Not to worry, the sun comes out just in time for a tear-free Andi to meet Josh at the altar. Andi tells Josh she loves him, he’s the true prize at the end of the journey. Josh gets down on one knee to propose. Andi says yes and he accepts her final rose. Another match is made in “Bachelorette” heaven.

But what about Nick and his stalking need for closure? Welcome to the live “After the Final Rose” special.

Nick is “devastated” and there’s a montage of him walking around Chicago all alone and visiting his mother. “There was a part of me that had a lot of anxiety knowing he might get hurt,” she says. “I’m disappointed that he has unanswered questions.” Luckily for Nick, Andi can’t avoid him here!

They show Nick arriving in Los Angeles before the “Men Tell All” show hoping to speak with Andi, but instead he’s only able to give Chris Harrison a letter to deliver to Andi. Chris Harrison, the master of awkward moments, asks Nick if he thinks Andi made a mistake. “I don’t think it’s fair for me to answer that question, I mean, like, I do know this. I spent a lot of time with Josh. He’s a great guy. He has a great heart.” Then his eyes begin to water. “I don’t think he’ll take for granted how special of a person she is, but I’ll always wonder what could have been and the type of connection we had.” It’s time to bring out Andi!

Turns out Nick doesn’t have that many questions for her. Did she read the letter? Yes. Clearly, Chris Harrison needs to move this drama along. He asks the million-dollar question — Did you love Nick?

“I was not in love with him and that’s why I didn’t tell him I was in love with him. If I felt like I was in love with him, I would have said it. I was very careful not to say that,” Andi says. “I know this sound harsh, but how do you compete with a greater relationship, a greater love? That’s all this comes down to.”

Chris Harrison to Nick: How does it feel to hear Andi say that?

And this is where Nick breaks the major rule of the show.

“It’s hard to hear that. I think the hardest part of hearing you say that is thinking back on those moments. I guess, you know, like, knowing how in love with you I was. If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why, like, you made love with me.”

Say what?! Did no one tell Nick you don’t actually talk about sex on the show? There are “Fantasy Suite” dates. Claire and Juan Pablo “went swimming” in the ocean. But there is no sex.

Chris Harrison forces a few more awkward moments before it’s time to show the trailer for “Bachelor Pad,” sorry “Bachelor in Paradise,” which starts next Monday, and bring out Josh.

Andi and Josh are engaged and in love and live five minutes from each other in Atlanta, which has made keeping their secret fun instead of frustrating as in past seasons. “We’ve been sneaking over to each other’s houses. We didn’t want to spoil it for everyone else. We want everyone to enjoy it, so there have been lots of wigs, hats and sunglasses,” Andi says.

Chris Harrison to Josh: “What do you want to world to know?”

“We are madly in love. The show works. Everything works on this show.”

And with that the 10th season of one woman’s journey to find love ends.