Presenting, DMX freaking out while riding the Sling Shot ride in Orlando’s Magical Midway:

DMX, who stopped by the park in Orlando on Friday with his daughters, has been coming to Magical Midway for years, says park manager Tracy Kircher. “He actually recognizes the staff when he walks in,” she added. That’s right, the man who brought us “The Ruff Ryders Anthemloves amusement park rides. Of course.

Amazingly, this isn’t even the first time DMX has taken a spin on the Sling Shot ride. And Kircher notes despite his screams of terror on the ride, as captured on the video from TMZ, “he was having a good ol’ time.”

If you think you can fare better on the Sling Shot, consider this: you basically get strapped into a seat and then catapulted more than 390 feet above the ground, according to the park.

Now, back to the video. First, DMX sounds like he’s giving birth. He also emphatically states, before the ride even begins, that this “is some scary (expletive).”  And the man’s been to prison. He then proceeds to bark, as DMX is wont to do. At the end of the experience, DMX notes the camera recording him and his companion. “We did it, we did it for the camera. We wasn’t really scared.” Sure, DMX, sure.

We humbly suggest using portions of this audio for a ringtone.