To call Robin Williams “versatile” is an understatement, as he took on more types of roles than most actors can. He seamlessly played funny and sweet and heartbreaking and depressing and weird in more than a hundred movies and TV shows, and won accolades for playing the entire emotional spectrum.

News broke Monday evening that Williams, who long battled addiction and depression, was found dead of a suspected suicide at his home in Tiburon, Calif. Even amid the shock of the news, people started talking about and posting their favorite Williams moments. Opinions varied wildly, a testament to the incredible range he showed during his decades in Hollywood.

Here’s a look at clips from some of his most famous roles and where they ranked:

Most inspiring: “Good Will Hunting”

Most hilarious:
“Mork & Mindy”

Most goofy:

Most frenetic:

Most sappy:
“Patch Adams”

Most motivational:
“Dead Poet’s Society”

Most wide-ranging:
“Mrs. Doubtfire”

Most terrifying:
“One Hour Photo”

Most heroic:

Most electric:
“Good Morning, Vietnam”

Most surreal:

Most subversive:
“Death to Smoochy”

Most vulnerable:
“Fisher King”

Best talk-show appearances


Robin Williams dies at 63 of apparent suicide

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