You might have thought that because it’s 2014, we would have reached a low point for reality television somewhere along the line. That may have been true before today. But now, there is “Sex Box.”

WE tv announced Thursday that it has ordered nine episodes of “Sex Box,” adapted from the British series of the same name, that will air in 2015. The premise of the show, set in front of a studio audience: Couples go into a soundproof box without cameras. They have sex. Then, they have a frank and honest discussion about what just happened with a group of therapists and sex experts — in front of the studio audience.

The premise aired last fall in Britain — the first episode is on YouTube if you dare. It’s as awkward as you imagine.

Okay, back to the U.S. show. Don’t think that there’s just awkward silence when the couple goes into the box to consummate their relationship. While they’re inside, the network assures us that the panel of experts (which in Britain included famed advice columnist Dan Savage) will be discussing their important initial observations about the couple, “ranging from what they think is happening inside the box to whether or not the relationship will survive.”

The conversation with the panel, post-sex, will apparently be very productive. The couples will discuss what exactly went on in the box and if there are any problems with — well, mostly with the sex but also the relationship in general — and how they feel about it all because that’s apparently the perfect time to have an intimate conversation. Science says so!

“Scientists and researchers cite that people are more trusting and open in the moments immediately after sex due to the body’s natural release of oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone,’ the network said in the release. “As a result, post coital couples therapy is more powerful and effective.”

Okay then. In the announcement, WE tv president Marc Juris calls ‘Sex Box’ “one of the most unique and compelling show concepts we’ve ever seen.” “Our featured couples will get a once-in-a-lifetime experience, while our viewers will get the kind of bold, break-through-the-clutter programming they increasingly associate with WE tv,” he said.

For the record, some of WE tv’s original programming includes “Bridezillas,” “Braxton Family Values,” Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?,” “Kendra On Top” and “L.A. Hair.”