wants to help you be the “ice bucket challenge” for Halloween. For just $40, the site will sell you a blue bucket decorated with a big piece of plastic wrap and some fabric-sale remnants from the 1980’s.

You’ll have to hold the bucket above your head, and the costume comes with a “real” ice cube tray that you’ll also need to hold, ensuring that you, the ice bucket challenge, will have no hands available to hold and hoist the alcohol any normal adult would have to consume to wear this thing in public.

Shockingly, the ice bucket challenge costume isn’t the first commodity that’s trying to divert some of that sweet, sweet attention (and funding) from the fight against a devastating illness. We are sad to bring you this news on what should be a Holy Day for the Internet’s love of the ice bucket challenge (see: here).

Here is a brief tour of the ice bucket challenge products for sale on the Internet.

Price: $3.95 + $4.49 shipping on Stockpin’s Amazon store

Description: “Did you do the Ice Bucket Challenge? Show your support for ALS year round by wearing this pin.”

Percentage going to charity: Stockpin promises to donate 10 percent of pin sales to the ALS Association. So instead of giving 100 percent of your spare change to ALS research, you can give 90 percent of it to these pin guys on the Internet.

Price: $12.30

Description: “This is the perfect gift for the friend that is obsessed with the Ice Bucket Challenge as well as the friend who thinks the Ice Bucket Challenge is overhyped.”

The book’s creators say it’s a gag book:

This book pretends to a guide for Geniuses for the Ice Bucket Challenge. However, surprise, surprise, this book actually gives simple advice how to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Note: From the outside, this looks like a real book. From the inside, it’s a Gag Book. (To reinforce the message, the same information is repeated on every page.)

Percentage going to charity: According to the Amazon listing, “All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charities supporting ALS research.”

Price: $11.99

Description: “Whether you completed the Ice Bucket challenge this year or donated for its cause this custom design is meant for you to show everyone you survived.”

Percentage going to charity: The product description doesn’t address whether any of the profits will go to charity.

Item: All these “Ice Bucket Challenge” apps in the Google Play store.

Price: Free

Description: Varies, but here’s a sample:

“You’ve taken the Ice Bucket Challenge, but have you played the game? See how many friends you can soak with your bucket of ice water in the Ice Bucket Challenge Game! Race the clock using simple drag – and – dunk gameplay. Learn the facts behind the craze with ALS facts at the end of every game. ”

Percentage going to charity: Some of the free apps provide a way to donate to a charity.

Price: $2.99

Description: “Picture: Lindsay Lohan getting a soaking on The Tonight Show as part of the ALS ice bucket challenge…The Highest Quality Magnet Available.”

Percentage going to charity: The description, which goes on at length about “side boob,” does not mention a donation to charity.

Price: $12.99-$16.99, depending on color choice.

Description: “You accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge, you survived it, now show it off on our Infant Creeper! Sporting an ice cube and blue lettering that reads “I Survived the Ice Bucket Challenge” A great way to show support for ALS and raise awareness!”

Percentage going to charity: There is no mention about a donation to the ALS Association, or to any other charity.

(Also, are people really pouring ice water on the heads of infants, or what?)

(h/t Buzzfeed)