Seth Meyers: The actual host of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Jimmy Kimmel: Not the host.

This is worth clarifying because those watching the show are probably a little confused.

Meyers delivered a solid opening monologue, making fun of the show being held on a Monday: “The last time the Emmys were on Monday was in 1976” — Meyers makes some jokes about them, but adds, “People don’t remember the 1976 Emmys, because they were held on a Monday.”

And, the HBO’s 99 nominations. “Not to be outdone, NBC is also a network.”  People were pleased.

But, someone forgot to tell Kimmel that presenting is not code for “host.”  He took the stage to present the nominees for supporting actress in a comedy and delivered his own monologue. As The Post’s Emily Yahr said, “mostly ripping on “True Detective” lead Matthew McConaughey for being too attractive to be a TV star. And making fun of all of his award season wins. (“Should we give you the BET Award for best male hip hop artist while we’re at it?”)” And then he clarified one of the biggest mysteries in television: 

“That’s not a television face, that’s a movie star face right there,” Kimmel said as the camera panned to McConaughey, who was cracking up.   Kimmel looked for Ricky Gervais in the crowd: “Where’s Ricky? That’s a television face…that’s not a television face, that’s a Netflix face.”

The presenter left everyone to wonder if he’s auditioning for next year’s hosting spot.  

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