Say you’re going about your day, single lady. Or say you’re going about your day and you’re maybe in a serious relationship, or just casually dating a guy, or something in between. And you get an e-mail that has the potential to change your life forever.

An e-mail like … this:

(Courtesy of Abby Phillip, who is not engaged)

Wait, I’m getting married? What? Have I been in a coma for the past five years? Pinterest, do you have access to a crystal ball or some sort of time-travel technology? And if so — not to sound judgmental — using it for planning nonexistent upcoming weddings seems like a major waste of future-seeing resources.

As it turns out, the company made a mistake in e-mailing thousands of users this week to congratulate them on nuptials they weren’t actually planning. The error, a company spokesperson said, was not a technological fluke that misidentified users as engaged. But rather it was the way the e-mail was written. (Which is to say: Poorly.)

“Every week, we email collections of category-specific pins and boards to pinners we hope will be interested in them,” Pinterest’s head of communications Barry Schnitt said in a statement. “Unfortunately, one of these recent emails suggested that pinners were actually getting married, rather than just potentially interested in wedding-related content. We’re sorry we came off like an overbearing mother who’s always asking when you’ll settle down with a nice boy or girl.”

The message even went out to users who didn’t have wedding-specific boards.

Or maybe, just maybe, Pinterest’s algorithm is just that good: