Yes, country singer Jason Aldean just got engaged to Brittany Kerr, the former “American Idol” contestant he was caught kissing at a bar while he was still married. No, he doesn’t care what you think about it.

Aldean’s been on the defense ever since he and Kerr took their relationship public this year — first on the red carpet at the CMT Awards and then through a series of cutesy couple Instagram photos — and, in an unusual move, has been talking back to the fans who dare judge him. Aldean filed for divorce from the mother of his two daughters last spring, less than a year after TMZ posted photos of Aldean and Kerr all over each other at a Los Angeles bar.

Traditional country music fans didn’t take too kindly to seeing Aldean, one of the biggest stars in Nashville, strike up a real relationship with the Other Woman. They let him hear about it on social media with some pretty nasty words. Back when TMZ first published the pictures, Kerr had to shut down her Twitter account because so many people were calling her a “homewrecker” among other unprintable things.

Finally, this summer, Aldean had enough. “It has been two years of this [expletive] — get over it, already!” he recently told Billboard of the people who still attack him online. “…I’m not blaming anybody. Obviously, a lot of that stuff is my own deal. But I could go post something on my page right now that says, ‘Hey, we just donated $5 million to a children’s cancer research center,’ and somebody would get on there and go, ‘You’re an [expletive] cheater.'”

A few months ago, he also posted a photo to Instagram that just read: “You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done, not what I’ve been through.” In the caption, he told people it was time to move on. “So sick of people judging me and @brittanylkerr over things they know nothing about. I have made mistakes but i am a better person because of it, and wouldnt change a thing. Im happier than i have ever been, so thank u to all the people who support us,” he wrote. “We are happy and life goes on.”

Conveniently, this engagement news — he proposed to Kerr at the San Diego Zoo on Tuesday, People reports — comes right on the heels of this months’ debut of his latest album, “Old Boots, New Dirt.” He’s currently in the middle of a massive stadium and arena tour.

Aldean said the new album features some of what he calls “baby-making music” (particularly the first single, “Burnin’ It Down”) which could be controversial at the moment. The Billboard  story explained that “some in Aldean’s camp privately admit to worrying that releasing such a frankly sexual song would reignite the divorce brouhaha.”

Again, to reiterate: Aldean just doesn’t care.

“I finally just went, ‘This is the single,'” Aldean said. “I’m in a fortunate position that not a lot of artists get to be in where I can go in there and do that.”