The Mall is lined with museums that anybody can browse, but next to the Reflecting Pool, artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada has created a portrait that only a few visitors will have the privilege of seeing.

The artist’s project, “Out of Many, One,” is a large portrait made of sand and soil on the ground just in front of the Lincoln Memorial. The full scope of the work can only be seen aerially, so you’ll have to take a trip to the top of the Washington Monument to see the full six-acre sketch.

As Philip Kennicott notes in his review of the exhibit, “From ground level, […it] looks like an eccentric landscaping project, but from the windows of the obelisk, more than 500 feet above the Mall, the work reveals an attractive young man in three-quarter profile, seeming to stare through a large gap formed by trees.”

The Smithsonian invited several local Instagrammers to the monument’s top Wednesday to take photos of Rodriguez-Gerada’s installation.

The aerial view from the top of the Washington Monument:

The artist, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, stands in front of the portrait:

A close-up of how the sand is shaped and colored:

A shot of the work in progress from earlier in the week:

A breakdown of how the work was created: