Whoa, that escalated quickly. What started as an oddball Twitter feud between the controversial rapper of the moment (Iggy Azalea) and the fading hip-hop icon of the ’90s (Snoop Dogg) has turned into an weird and disturbing fight complete with Instagram threats.

We’ll admit: We at first assumed it was a good old-fashioned PR stunt, a la Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj bickering in the weeks before their “American Idol” launch. But after an expletive-filled Instagram video where Snoop called Iggy a certain four-letter word –and Iggy’s tweet-storm response — this fight has officially spiraled out of control.

… OR HAS IT? We’re still not convinced this isn’t all just build-up to a forthcoming collaboration or awards-show duet. But here’s the evidence.

It’s real:

Apropos of nothing, Snoop posted on Instagram a photo of a pale, asexual creature on Sunday and captioned it “Iggy Azalea No Make Up.” Ouch. And seems legitimately like his sense of humor.

It’s fake:

Iggy sounded wounded in her first response, but also tipped us off that they might be pals in real life: “Every time I’ve ever spoken to you you’ve always been nice as hell, I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason.” She added that Snoop routinely sends his bodyguards over to ask for pictures whenever they’re at the same show.

It’s real:

As the “feud” gained tabloid pickup (TMZ: “Iggy Azalea FUMING MAD Over Snoop’s Insta Slam), Snoop doubled down with comparisons to the Marlon Wayans flick “White Chicks.”

It's fake:

Another tweet from Iggy suggests that — if we’re following this correctly — her bodyguard saved Snoop’s friend’s life when he almost burned down a Canadian hotel. (Possibly at

over the summer?) Which, again, indicates that these stars must be hanging out, right?

It's real:

Snoop threw down the gauntlet with a video

, the gist being that Iggy better watch her back. It’s pretty terrible.  Iggy’s boyfriend Nick Young of the L.A. Lakers jumped in, tweeting that “Snoop Lion” is going through a midlife crisis. Why get involved if it’s not real?

It’s fake:

What if this is all a conspiracy from Nicki Minaj fans? The Nicky Minaj-Iggy Azalea “shade” has been extensively chronicled. In one of his many follow-up posts, Snoop Instagrammed a photo of Nicki Minaj sitting by herself with the caption “Nicki sitting with other relevant female rappers. . . Where is Iggy ? Nowhere insight,” he wrote, lamely explaining his own joke.

It’s real:

Snoop’s teenage daughter tweeted about the feud with a sad-face emoticon. So. . . there you go.

It’s fake:

The American Music Awards are coming up next month, and nominations were just announced — Iggy leading with six nods. What better place to reconcile than in front of millions of viewers on live television?

FEUD UPDATE: That was fast. Snoop Dogg just posted a video via TMZ and apologized. “No more bad talk,” he promised, inspired by a conversation with his pal/Iggy’s mentor T.I. (Side note: This is not the first time T.I. brokered peace between rappers.) “I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg,” Iggy tweeted and then obviously retweeted this reminder: