Bono has really tried to endear himself to people this week: First, apologizing for the whole “U2 album suddenly showing up in your iTunes library” thing. Now, he’s explaining that the reason he wears his signature sunglasses all the time is not because he’s an aloof rock star — but because he actually has glaucoma.

On Graham Norton’s BBC One show, Bono hesitated when Norton started teasing the band about their accessories. “You didn’t wear sunglasses, and then when you found them, you were like ‘I love sunglasses,'” Norton said as the crowd laughed. “Do you ever take them off?”

That’s when Bono made the big reveal: “This is a good place to explain to people. . . I have had glaucoma for the last 20 years.”

He launched into a complicated explanation of the ailment, which caused his once 20/20 eyesight to deteriorate badly — though his bandmates admitted it does make him look cool.

“Now that you have this information, you’re never going to be able get it out of your head,” Bono said, mimicking everyone’s reaction: “‘Ah, poor old blind Bono.'”

So, that’s that. Still no explanation from these guys:

Cee Lo Green (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for the New Yorker)

Ozzy Osbourne (MJ Kim/Getty Images)

Eric Church (Getty Images For Iheartmedia/Kevin Winter)
"Rhapsody in Black: The Life and Music of Roy Orbison" by John Kruth (credit: Backbeat)
“Rhapsody in Black: The Life and Music of Roy Orbison” by John Kruth (credit: Backbeat)