Sabotage. Tears. Backstabbing. That’s right — it’s voting time for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

The MTV EMAs, to be held Nov. 9 in Glasgow, had a fun new idea for this year’s “Biggest Fans” award: Have fans vote via social media using individually created hashtags for each nominee, which includes Justin Bieber, One Direction, Ariana Grande, 5 Seconds of Summer and Nicki Minaj. The act with the most hashtags by next Sunday wins.

Naturally, it’s turned into an epic battle on Twitter between rival fandoms, specifically for those known as the Directioners and the Beliebers. Apparently the EMA producers did not watch the Teen Choice Awards, or really pay attention to anytime you pit teen pop fans against one another on social media. Because when you do, chaos is going to ensue online. Especially when it’s a rivalry between the particularly passionate One Direction and Bieber fans, who are essentially tied for the lead. (All right, this is probably exactly what the producers were hoping for.)

At the moment, the race between One Direction and Bieber is trending worldwide and is in a dead heat: Each pop act has about 89 million votes. The number ticks up every minute. Poor Grande, in third place, has only about 5 million votes.

Just for context, 118 million people voted in the last presidential election. Let that sink in.

The two fandoms are at each other’s throats on Twitter, only scary because voting lasts 12 more days. Already, there are lots of dirty tricks, venomous tweets and anger pouring in as the fandoms continue to rack up hashtags for 1D and the Biebs. Here’s a sample of what’s going on:

Sabotage: Both sides are cleverly creating fake hashtags for the other group, hoping they catch on and then nullify millions of votes.

Frantically trying to fix the sabotage: Representatives for each group offer ideas on how to avoid using the fakes.

Accusations of playing dirty:



Trash talk:

Complicated math:

Calls for peace:

A reminder of what this is really about: