Louis C.K.’s Twitter account: A reliable home for inflammatory, expletive-filled rants. And now, it’s gone.

Some noticed over the weekend that @louisck no longer exists. While it’s a somewhat common celebrity move to abruptly leave the social media site — and then, perhaps, slink back when a controversy has died down and there’s a new project to promote — it appears to be a first for the comedian, who has rarely hesitated to voice his many opinions on Twitter.

Recently, C.K. let off some vulgar tweets about terrorist group ISIS. (We can embed literally none of them here, but Entertainment Weekly has the rundown.)

That wasn’t the first time the actor/comedian took on a hot-button topic in the 140-character format. Several months ago, he touched a nerve when he started tweeting about his hatred of the Common Core educational system, and sparred with angry teachers. (“My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!”)

In 2010, C.K. went on a Twitter rant about Sarah Palin using the absolute worst word you can call a woman; two years later, a threatened boycott from cable-news host Greta Van Susteren over his history of such language prompted him to drop out of a much-hyped gig as the entertainer at a big Washington media dinner.

His tweets have also taken on TMZ, shaming the site for posting video of the fatal car crash that severely injured actor Tracy Morgan. Earlier this month, C.K. posted some noticeably bizarre thoughts about Earth, time and space (“And it feels like we are gonna keep bopping around on moons til we realize the whole solar system is actually a spaceship.”)

No word on whether it’s gone for good. In the past, C.K. has been very vocal about his dislike of all social media. Here’s an interview with Conan O’Brien, where he explains that he only turned to Twitter to promote his projects but can’t help but get carried away sometimes.