Penguin people! Tall people! Short people! People who made a real, REAL big shoe!

In a thinly veiled marketing ploy, Guinness wants everyone with weirdly specific but generally useless talents or traits to try setting a record today. You may have heard, for example, that noted White House pants-pooper Al Roker is embarking on his own quest for a record.

Participants from Japan to London to New York seem to be up for the challenge. And why not? Nab a little piece of history, get a little famous for doing weird stuff, have at it.

Guinness is running a liveblog for the day, which is worth a look. Here are some of the weird things that have happened (so far), according to the liveblog:

Record set: 373 people in London collectively became the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins

Record set: Kenneth Cole made this dang big high heel, which is now the world’s largest

Record set: Katsumi Tamakoshi ran 100 meters on all fours in 15.86 seconds

Record set: Harlem Globetrotter Thunder Law made a backward basketball shot from 82 feet, 2 inches

Record set: 388 people in Shanghai simultaneously ate breakfast in bed

Record set: Anthony Kelly caught the most spears from a spear gun underwater from a 2-meter distance in one minute (lol what)

Obligatory tallest-man-meets-shortest-man photo op