Time for one more Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert lovefest before Colbert goes to host “The Late Show” — very specially timed to the fact that Jon Stewart has a movie to promote.

“My guest tonight is the host of the liberal, elitist ‘The Daily Show’ and executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning ‘Colbert Report,'” Colbert announced on Thursday’s show. “Please welcome Jon Stewart!”

He ran over to a table where Stewart was already seated as the crowd erupted into applause and started chanting “Stephen! Stephen! Stephen!” Stewart tried (and failed) not to laugh, which quickly became the theme of the interview for both. A little more difficult for Colbert, who rarely breaks character.

“Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly,” Colbert announced, reminding everyone of his “Daily Show” past. “I’ve been inside the belly of the beast, I used to work for you. I remember things you said behind closed doors, and tonight I can reveal that for 15 years, I used to be over there with your writers with their opium bongs. How many writers do you have Jon? Fifty? How many writers?”

“Behind closed doors, I only quote rabbinical text,” Stewart explained. “You know that. There is no dark secret, there is no hidden agenda, I am merely an arbiter of biblical law. You know that, you understand that, and  you’ve been there. If you want to have a Talmudic discussion, I’m happy to have it.”

Yeah, the rest of the interview went pretty much like that. At the end, the two dropped all acts and embraced as Colbert thanked Stewart for coming on one of his last shows. The final episode of “The Colbert Report” airs Dec. 18. “I’m so glad you’re on my show before the show is over,” Colbert said as the two hugged. “This is so lovely.”

Watch Stewart’s appearance here:

and Part 2: