Pine Bros. has done it again — just use a random celebrity to plug your cough drops and you can steal the attention away from any award show.

Indeed, the musician that was lighting up Twitter during Sunday night’s American Music Awards was rapper Waka Flocka Flame, who appeared in a truly strange commercial for Pine Bros. throat drops that aired in the middle of the show. Intentional or not, it was comedy gold.

“What does a Waka Flocka Flame do for minor sore throat relief? This here, Pine Bros. softest throat drops,” he said, looking straight into the camera as he sat in a living room. “Can’t live without my Pine Bros., straight up.”

After raving about the natural ingredients, he wrapped it up as smoke (from a mysterious source) billowed into a living room.

“Next time you need some throat relief [unnaturally long pause, with a conspiratorial glance at all the smoke] for whatever reason, take your Pine Bros.,” he said.

It’s actually on par with the awkwardness of the company’s similar Martha Stewart ad that aired during the Golden Globe Awards this past year. That, too, was a low-budget affair with Stewart talking right into the camera about the wonder of Pine Bros. cough drops. The spot was so strange that some wondered if it was some sort of hostage situation, but in an interview with Business Insider, the company confirmed that the ad had helped double sales since its debut.

Well played Pine Bros! Of course, Twitter had a field day with Waka Flocka:


Jennifer Lopez and the guys of One Direction rocked the red carpet at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. (Reuters)