Seth Rogen slammed Cathay Pacific Airways after a dispute over his family’s reservation. (CJ Gunther/European Pressphoto Agency)

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Actor Seth Rogen has a wife.
  • Said wife’s name is Lauren Miller. She’s an actor, too, though her CV isn’t quite as robust as Seth Rogen’s
  • Actor Lauren Miller, wife of more frequent actor Seth Rogen, has a dog.
  • If @SethRogen’s Twitter account is to be believed, said dog’s name is Zelda.
  • By default, Zelda is a member of the 0.0001 percent.
  • Fresh off his “Saturday Night Live” appearance, Seth Rogen went to the airport with Lauren Miller and Zelda the elite dog. They needed to get to a funeral somewhere in the universe. But an insurmountable barrier stood in their way: The World’s Best Airline.
  • Which airline is the “world’s best”? For the fourth time in 11 years, that distinction belongs to Cathay Pacific Airways, the Hong Kong-based international carrier that was recently given top honors by the World Airline Awards.
  • Seth Rogen, who pretends to be other people for a living, doesn’t agree with this distinction. In fact, after his run-in with the company’s customer service officials this morning, he’s calling for a recount.

Cathay Pacific responded, but the damage was already done.

After that, apparently, nothing happened.

Others, including fellow actor Grace Huang, urged for calm and patience. But Rogen said it was too late.

As for that Best Airline award … Rogen called for an investigation.

Entitled actor or airline victim? Twitter had its own opinions.

So what was the problem with Zelda? The South China Morning Post has a theory:

“Cathay requires all passengers to have the correct health certificates and travel permits for pets,” the paper reported. “However, the airline does not allow a number of breeds of dog to fly either in the cabin or cargo hold, including Cavalier King Charles spaniels – which is believed to be the breed of the Rogen’s dog.”

Cathay Pacific did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Thanks to swanky lounges, “restaurant-quality meals” and ample leg room, Cathay Pacific was also recently named the “Best Business Class Airline in the World,” according to Business Insider.

To get a sense of what actor Seth Rogen, sometimes actor Lauren Miller and fantastically wealthy Zelda missed out on, a promotional video awaits (below).

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