In the movies, art thieves need elaborate schemes — often pulled off in the dead of night — to steal works of great value.

Not this guy.

On Tuesday, in the middle of the day, a man appeared to walk into a New Orleans gallery, remove a $250,000 painting from the wall and then walk right out of the building carrying the piece by beloved New Orleans artist George Rodrigue. The seconds-long heist was captured on surveillance video, police said in a news release.

Here’s a photo of the stolen painting, called “Wendy and Me” and featuring the Blue Dog for which Rodrigue was famous:

(New Orleans Police Department)

The painting was part of a retrospective at the Rodrigue Gallery. The artist died Dec. 14 in Houston. His son, Jacques Rodrigue, told the Times-Picayune that it was a “busy day” at the French Quarter gallery. “He found the perfect five-to-10 seconds,” Rodrigue said of the thief.

The stolen piece had been used for Rodrigue’s own wedding invitation.

Police believe they may have since found the painting, according to the Advocate: A group of men walking past the Omni Royal Hotel in New Orleans spotted two paintings lying near the building Tuesday and brought them to the police.

The thief is still at large.