When discussing iconic directors, certain shots immediately come to mind.

If I say “Martin Scorsese,”  you’re probably visualizing the steadicam nightclub scene from “Goodfellas.” If not, then it’s been far too long and you should re-watch it. Now. I’ll wait.

There are entire compilations dedicated to those tendencies. You’ve probably stumbled across one of the many Quentin Tarantino mash-ups littering the interwebs, like this one, “Tarantino from below.” Perhaps you’re more familiar with the compilations of Wes Anderson’s obsessive symmetry, or the overhead shots, generally featuring busy hands. (Resisting the urge to make the obligatory Tarantino foot quip.)

Shutterstock took it one step further, by scouring its bountiful archives to recreate shots entirely from stock footage that mimicked Tarantino and Anderson, along with David Fincher, Alfonso Cuarón and Terrence Malick.

The process was surprisingly straight-forward and involved lots of keyword searching.

For the Wes Anderson portion, Derick Rhodes of Shutterstock told Co.Design they searched for clips tagged “pastels,” “saturated,” “cinematic” and “symmetry.” But of course.

“We just did keyword searches in our library to find clips that matched these directors’ recognizable styles,” Rhodes said. “We’d come across shots that felt like they could come out of their movies.”