The product: Always pantiliners

Always is the first feminine care brand to advertise in the Super Bowl. (Always)

The premise: In a take on a viral video, adults and a little boy are asked to run, fight and throw “like a girl.” Unsurprisingly, they perform these tasks in the wimpiest way possible.

The punchline: A group of girls are assembled and asked to do the same thing. They run as fast as they can, and throw and punch with force. Because throwing “like a girl” is the same as throwing like a person, right?

The verdict: On a day that glorifies masculine athleticism, Procter & Gamble is making viewers consider female strength, as well. There’s no mention of Always’ products in the ad: Instead, it’s a PSA for all of womankind. A heavy-handed one, perhaps — but put it next to the Carl’s Jr. ad, and it’s easy to understand why.