The product: Carl’s Jr.’s new all-natural burger

The premise: Through a series of carefully-placed objects, men’s eyes collectively bug out as a naked lady — Kate Upton look-alike Charlotte McKinney — walks down the street eating a burger.

The punchline: She’s not the only one going all-natural — this Carl’s Jr. burger has no antibiotics, no added hormones, and no steroids. It’s the same holding-two-melons schtick from “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me,” and it wasn’t even that funny back then.

The verdict: Jiggly bits and vocal fry, ugh. Hope the pre-pubescent marketing team behind this masterpiece got their jollies! Carl’s Jr. has a long history of sexist ads. For a feminist palate cleanser, let’s all watch that Always “Like a girl” commercial.

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