Whatever happened to Fluffy? The fate of the terrifying three-headed dog acquired by Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter books has been one of many questions about the series that stumped its fans. Until this morning, that is, when J.K. Rowling answered some very specific questions about the books on Twitter.

Most notably, Rowling answered this question from Tumblr via @llamaofthelab, about a seeming plot hole concerning the use of Basilisk venom to destroy Horcruxes in the series:

“How come when Harry gets bitten by the basilisk in Chamber of Secrets, that doesn’t destroy the Horcrux in him?”

The answer:

(By the way, if you started to read this post and are not a fan of Harry Potter, this is all going to read as nonsense. I’m sorry; here’s an alternate Internet experience for you to enjoy today.)

She also addressed the Fluffy question. Rowling, for what it’s worth, had previously said in a 2001 interview that Fluffy spent some time wandering around the Forbidden Forest on the edge of the Hogwarts grounds, after his usefulness to the school as a guard dog had passed. But apparently that wasn’t his final destination:

“Why is 12 Grimmauld place in the middle of a muggle house complex?”

And Rowling has an interesting answer, which feels pretty consistent with what we know already about the Black family.

Rowling also answered one question about her tea preferences (“Lancashire tea. I’m drinking it right now”) before announcing that her Harry Potter lightning round had ended.

Thankfully, this is not the first — and certainly not the last — time Rowling has responded to curious fans with detailed questions about her books.

She helped to develop Pottermore, an interactive fan site that contained tons of new information on the world of the Harry Potter series. She published the fictitious encyclopedia “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” which will become the basis for a new film series set in the same universe.

And in recent months, Rowling rolled out a few short stories expanding on the characters in the original series.